This professor works at College of the Holy Cross. What has happened to our Catholic schools?

The College Fix reports:

Theology professor: Jesus was a ‘drag king,’ had ‘queer desires’

The chair of New Testament Studies at Massachusetts’s College of the Holy Cross has argued that Jesus was a “drag king,” had “queer desires,” and was “gender fluid.”

Professor Tat-siong Benny Liew also says the Last Supper was a “literary striptease,” according to a report by Fox News.

Fox picked up the story after Holy Cross student Elinor Reilly wrote about Liew’s claims in The Fenwick Review.

Using the Book of John, Liew claims that “[Christ] ends up appearing as a drag-kingly bride in his passion. If one follows the trajectory of the Wisdom/Word or Sophia/Jesus (con)figuration, what we have in John’s Jesus is not only a ‘king of Israel’ or ‘king of the Ioudaioi [Jews],’ but also a drag king.”

Christ’s crucifixion, he argues, actually was a “(homo)sexual bonding of the Father and the Son”:

“What I am suggesting is that, when Jesus’ body is being penetrated, his thoughts are on his Father. He is, in other words, imagining his passion experience as a sexual relation with his own Father.”