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Student Threatened With Rape for Supporting Traditional Marriage – At a Catholic College

Student Threatened With Rape for Supporting Traditional Marriage – At a Catholic College

“I couldn’t even go brush my teeth for several nights without facing a mob in my hallway”

Any student found guilty of making threats in this case should be expelled, end of story. They obviously don’t want to be at a Catholic school anyway.

Campus Reform reports:

Student threatened with rape for supporting traditional marriage

A student Resident Advisor (RA) at Providence College has reportedly been threatened with rape after posting a flyer that expressed a traditional view on marriage.

According to LifeSiteNews, RA Michael Smalanskas has faced severe student backlash since displaying the poster on a bulletin board in early March, with upset classmates gathering outside of his dorm room and endangering his safety.

“I couldn’t even go brush my teeth for several nights without facing a mob in my hallway,” Smalanskas told the publication.

“There had been a pro-lesbian bulletin board up for the entire month of February in one of the female residence halls,” he continued, adding that “nobody was rioting outside the girl’s door.”

The original display, which has since been vandalized and removed, portrayed marriage “the way God intended it,” and included quotes from Pope Francis and biblical scripture describing marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Screenshots obtained by LifeSiteNews depict students taking pictures of the bulletin board, blasting Smalanskas on social media, and pledging to “NOT STAY SILENT ANY LONGER!”

“There’s a tremendous double standard when it comes to Catholic teaching or conservative views,” Smalanskas told the publication. “They are just not protected in the same way” as other beliefs.


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There are few “catholic colleges” around today… Certainly not providence… There are few, if any, here in the Northeast..
It may have “catholic” to its name, but that is about as far as it goes.. Catholic University of America, DC & Steubenville, (st francis & st Vincent here in penna) are about the only ones…

    B__2 in reply to jmt9455. | March 22, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    I believe the Catholic Church is having similar problems even at the highest level with the Pope seeming to want to prioritise social justice and another religion above his own.

Gosh, golly, I wonder where this new generation of academic degeneracy picked up all their specious morality and values. Maybe the public school system should subscribe to a central authority to protect the children from their communities.

What we really need are more new schools, all the way down to the nursery school programs.

Last I heard, Kevin Jennings had a bus, an agenda, and was looking for a forum.

Does the RC Church have Canon courts at which people can sue each other, the way Jews & Moslems do? Because if so it would seem this should be his first recourse against the university. At the very least it would seem that a Catholic university ought to be a safe space for expressing Catholic doctrine!

Otherwise, go to secular court with a Hostile Work Environment claim. If the university is on notice that its employees are harassing a fellow worker for being Catholic, and it refuses to do anything about it, that would seem to be an open-and-shut case.

A threat of rape would be met with “I’ll blow your fucking head off if you try it” around here.

The Catholic religion used to have a set of principals and rules to be followed. Their schools taught them and if you worked there and did not teach them or taught something else you did not work there any longer. Now the church and their schools are all about money. If you pay tuition you can say and believe what you want. I think it was St Thomas in MN where the ex nun chancellor supported abortion and was not terminated. Individual have the absolute right to believe what they want; however, if an organization or school is religiously affiliated, it should strictly follow the tenants of that religion. I doubt a Muslim school would tolerate a student or teacher insulting Muhamad or a Jewish school someone denying the Holocaust. The Catholic church has been losing it’s way for years, starting with the priests molestation cover up. It needs to get it together.