Somewhere along the way, a whole generation of students became convinced that western civilization is flawed.

The College Fix reports:

Stanford group focuses on ‘decoloniality’ in educational settings

Meet the Stanford Student Alliance for Justice in Education, the student organization that wants its peers to be aware of how they’re taught “by empowering groups that are marginalized in educational settings.”

According to The Stanford Daily, the group’s focus is “decolonality,” just the latest in postmodern edu-jargon which is defined as — ready? — “the process of analyzing the ways through which education and accepted ideas reflect remnants of Western colonial thought and challenge the power structures and institutions of the modern world which have been shaped by colonialism.”

Or, in other words, “disrupting the dominance of Western schools of knowledge.”

New SAJE president Chris Koenig says the problems with the education system are many, and have to be addressed at different angles. For example, in January the group hosted an event focused on “helping marginalized students as well as scholars reclaim power in academic contexts by considering how to validate knowledge created by marginalized community members.”