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Simmons College Librarians Invent Yet Another New Microaggression

Simmons College Librarians Invent Yet Another New Microaggression

‘queermisic microaggressions’

This is apparently a hobby for them. They must have lots of time on their hands.

Campus Reform reports:

Librarians invent new ‘queermisic microaggressions’

Simmons College librarians are now warning against “queermisic microaggressions” in a new reference guide created for students and professors.

According to the guide, “Queermisic microaggressions” are similar to traditional microaggressions in that they can be unintentional comments that are interpreted as insults against LGBT people, except that microaggressions of the “queermisic” variety are rooted in “hate or hatred.”

To provide examples of such microaggressions, the librarians cite a BuzzFeed article that warns against making hateful comments such as “I’m not prejudiced,” “I don’t have a problem with lesbians,” and “is she a lesbian, or did she just give up on men?”

These microaggressions apparently fit into the broader societal pattern of “Queermisia,” which the librarians claim is the hatred of LGBT people stemming from heterosexuals’ stronghold on “institutional power.”

The librarians also warn that straight people enforce heterosexuality on society because of their desire to maintain “heteronormativity,” a term that refers to the fact that straight people overwhelmingly outnumber LGBT people.

Queermisia ultimately “obscures the reality of the fluidity of sexual identity, sexual/romantic attraction, and their complex relationship to gender,” the librarians write, adding that it “marginalizes the identities and experiences” of non-straight people.


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Trying to care…

Nope. I got nothing.

Morning Sunshine | March 26, 2018 at 12:58 pm

has anyone read Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatraz series about the evil Librarians who rule the world? This post reads a lot like those books!

Massinsanity | March 26, 2018 at 2:01 pm

Simmons is, of course, in MA.

While I try to avoid the Boston Globe like the plague I found this to be a fascinating article about the struggles of small, private colleges across the country and how one local college – Merrimack in North Andover MA – has bucked the trend by de-emphasizing liberals arts education in favor of engineering, health science and business. Enrollment is up 60% in 6 years, the campus is expanding and their finances are strong. They focus on preparing young men and women for a career and it has paid off.

Simmons is one of the schools mentioned in the article as struggling. PR like this nonsense from the librarians cannot help the cause. The reality for a school like Simmons is that the land they own is probably worth far more than the college they operate, if they don’t turn it around soon it may be time to say bye bye. Would that classify as a micro-aggression or perhaps a macro-aggression.

If librarians were the professional shushers they should be, rather than the town busybodies, people in the library would be quiet, and librarians would never hear anybody say anything.

nordic_prince | March 26, 2018 at 6:24 pm

Sounds like the librarians have given up on men, and they resent those women who haven’t.

Libraries, those huge edifices filled with books, in other words the modern day Buggy Whip factories.

“Librarian” as an academic and career choice is almost as stupid as a “(fill in the blank) Studies” degree.

Hmm, do you suppose those words above would be considered ‘Micro-‘ or ‘Macro-‘ aggression.