It looks like St. Olaf College is trying to become the new Evergreen State.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof calls conservative students a ‘racist mob’

A controversial Florida Gulf Coast University professor who drew national media attention for his “white racism” course recently gave a lecture equating conservative students to Nazis.

Professor Ted Thornhill delivered the comments during a guest appearance at Minnesota’s St. Olaf College, his former employer, where he called the institution “a violent place for people of color.”

He proceeded to invite white students in the audience who felt that students of color were lying about claims of racial oppression to raise their hands, expressing surprise when no students did so because he had observed that “far right groups like Turning Point and Campus Reform and libertarians are represented in the room.”

Thornhill then explained that he has more respect for the KKK than the aforementioned groups because it is more “honest” about its white supremacist beliefs.

“America is a racist country…this is a racist society, that’s unarguable,” he added, displaying a PowerPoint of the “central characters in the on-campus white racist mob” and labeling Campus Reform, The College Fix, Turning Point USA, the College Republicans, and Students for Liberty among them.

“You can’t be capitulating to these folks, they use evil and insidious strategies and don’t have facts, don’t use logic…you can immediately spot em…folks of color get it,” he stated, saying such organizations “feed into Fox.”

Thornhill later set his sights on specific individuals from these organizations, including Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, whose attire he called the “uniform of white supremacy.”