The left has no interest in a dialogue with the right. They want all symbols of conservatism banished from campus.

The Daily Caller reports:

Crosses Ripped Out Of Ground At Pro-Life Display

Unidentified student vandals or a vandal ripped over 100 crosses out of the ground at a Clemson University pro-life display, according to a Monday report.

Clemson’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter set up the display, which featured 202 white crosses, each representing 30 aborted fetuses in South Carolina, reported Campus Reform. The vandal or vandals stole all but 30 of the crosses and deposited them in a men’s restroom on campus.

YAF chairwoman Morgan Bailey said the vandalism occurred during her brief absence from managing the display. Witnesses said a “person with long blonde hair” had committed the act, she said. Bailey told a Clemson dean about the vandalism and submitted a report to the school’s police department.

“I hope that [the Clemson University Police Department] catches who did this and that the university makes it clear that students should not shut down another student’s’/organization’s speech just because they disagree,” Bailey told Campus Reform. “We would’ve reset it up…but we only had like 30 crosses leftover.”