This is going to get worse before it gets better. The left has no intention of giving up their strangle hold on academia.

Campus Reform reports:

POLL: Perception of liberal bias hurting support for higher ed

An overwhelming majority of university presidents believe that “the perception of liberal political bias” is one of the factors behind declining public support for higher education.

According to the 2018 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Presidents, published last week, “thirty-one percent of presidents believe perceptions of liberal political bias are very responsible for declining support for higher education, with another 55 percent saying that factor is at least somewhat responsible.”

Additionally, an even larger majority of university presidents point to growing concerns over degree affordability and “whether higher education prepares students for careers” as the primary factors that are responsible for the image of higher education.

“Ninety-eight percent of presidents say affordability and cost concerns are at least somewhat responsible for declining public support for higher education, including 63 percent who say cost concerns are very responsible,” the study found.

“Thirty-nine percent of presidents believe concerns over whether higher education prepares students for careers are very responsible for declining views of higher education,” the report continues, “with another 56 percent saying such concerns are somewhat responsible.”

By contrast, researchers found that the university presidents do not attribute declining public image of colleges and universities to a failure to accommodate low-income students.


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