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Normalizing Insanity: Lessons from California’s Crazy, Crazy Politics

Normalizing Insanity: Lessons from California’s Crazy, Crazy Politics

Explaining why California’s quality of life is literally in the crapper.

The data is in, and it turns out that the quality of life in the Golden State is the lowest in the nation, confirming my reports from the front lines of California’s cultural war against the rest of the nation:

…The Golden State ranked 50th in quality of life by fairing poorly in the natural and social environment categories.

The report, released Tuesday, ranks states based on a healthy environment and a sense of community. It takes into account each state’s urban air quality, pollution and voter participation, among other measures.

California ranked last in urban air quality and 45th in “low pollution health risk,” although it was 13th in drinking water quality. The state also found itself second-to-last in voter participation, 44th in community engagement and 38th in social support.

Despite its beaches, redwood trees and Hollywood glam, the state’s blemishes are often highlighted. Los Angeles consistently leads as the world’s most traffic-congested urban area and even its own citizens have tried to secede multiple times.

I think I have an explanation for this result: The progressives in this state have promulgated regulation after regulation that tries to normalize insanity.

Two examples that are related to my work as an environmental health and safety professional highlight this point. Both aspects involve postings at worksites that employers are required to make.

The first of these posting requirements is that employers must post notices when federal agents are intending to conduct a review of employment eligibility records.

When employers initially receive NOIs [Notice of Inspections], they must post notices for their employees and must provide notice to collective bargaining representatives, if any, within 72 hours. The labor commissioner will develop a template for posting notices by July 1, 2018, but employers who receive an NOI before the template is completed must create their own notice.

…After receiving results of inspections from immigration agencies, AB 450 requires employers to notify affected employees within 72 hours. Affected employees are those identified in the inspection results as possibly lacking work authorization or having deficiencies in their work authorization documents.

Three guesses as to what those notified employees will do…and the first two don’t count.

Additionally, the employer can’t voluntarily allow immigration agents to enter and search the nonpublic areas of a workplace only unless the officials possess judicial warrants.

But there even more crazy to enjoy! California’s employers must have a posting about transgender rights.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has issued the mandatory workplace notice “Transgender Rights in the Workplace” in accordance with SB 396. This poster must be posted in a prominent and accessible location, along with other mandatory workplace notices, by January 1, 2018…

According to the DFEH, the poster addresses key topics such as the right of employees to use restrooms, locker rooms, and other similar facilities corresponding to their gender identity and to dress in accord with their gender identity and expression.

Conservative pundit Tammy Bruce, who is also and the newly minted President of the Independent Women’s Voice, noted that the descent into madness accelerated during Obama’s two terms in office.

…During the Obama years, where unchallenged liberalism was pushed and accepted (wrongly) as the new normal, we saw the leftist economic menace rage through the entire nation, destroying businesses and the full-time jobs that went with them.

In California, the destruction is particularly acute. As the social structure in major cities continues to break down, the state focuses on banning plastic straws, whether to release from prison a mass murderer from the Manson family, while cheering at becoming as sanctuary state.

If you a transgendered illegal immigrant, California is the place you want to be. For most normal people, the other 49 states are a saner choice.


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Born and raised in San Diego. I’ve seen the creeping blue amid the flood of illegals and entitlement society

casualobserver | March 3, 2018 at 11:07 am

Put aside the fact that the state is moving further and further into hard progressivism. It is an excellent example for what happens when any place is run by one party ruling.

In the last year I recall seeing an interview of some state Congressman, where he was being asked about how the middle class was so drastically shrinking in the state due to policies. The discussion surrounded how the wealthiest in the population were still large but not growing. The poorest were growing very rapidly in numbers. The middle class was shrinking both due to exiting as well as the explosion in the cost of living where many are no longer middle class, but were now lower class. Of course, they would be middle class in nearly every other state.

His answer – good riddance. The state is better of without them, in so many words. THAT is one-party rule on full display. Almost willfully expelling those who won’t abide. And it explains why the state is so desperate to keep some of the key industries for CA (Hollywood, tech) on board. Without those industries the state would be even closer economically to a third world neighbor to their south than they are now.

California is the BLUE-print for converting a state to leftist eutopia. The shift became noticeable after 1986 and the amnesty-to-end-all-amnesties. Now in the Den Party there are no checks and balances and the ballots now have only the top two primary candidates … not parties…now just top two Democrats. With The Party faithful/Politburo selecting who runs the State , California is more USSR than USA. This is not a cautionary tale… this is a warning.

    ConradCA in reply to alaskabob. | March 3, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    The Republicans need to select one candidate to run for each state office if they want to have a chance of winning elections.

Bucky Barkingham | March 3, 2018 at 11:15 am

I suggest we stop using the term “progressive” to describe these leftist bullies. There is nothing progressive about their policies.

    Progress is a monotonic process. Keep the term, shelve the political connotations.

    Liberalism is a divergent ideology, which is often perceived as tolerant.

    Conservatism is about unalienable rights and sustainable states. Principles matter.

How dare USA keep score. Doesn’t everyone get an award? /sarc.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 3, 2018 at 11:29 am

Nixon was born there. Won the state five times on a presidential ticket: twice as Eisenhower’s VP; once when he ran and lost the presidency in 1960; then he won the state twice at the top of the ticket in presidential elections in ’68 and ’72.

Reagan moved there as a young adult and came to call it his home. He was elected governor twice and won the state twice in presidential elections. Even GHWB won there.

It’s hard to fathom the amount of radical change that has taken place since 1992.

For almost half a century I have dreamed about returning to the state of my birth… It would appear that dream is now a nightmare…

“For most normal people, the other 49 states are a saner choice.”

Sorry Leslie. All you “normal” Californians have allowed this insanity. Please do not pollute the rest of us with your presence. Stay home and clean up your own mess.

    Actually, Granny, there is a lot of blame to go around…including the Republicans who rolled over in this state and decided they could out-progressive the Democrats.

    The remaining states are getting California’s best, brightest and hardest working. I know, as I am Facebook friends with 5 of the most ardent conservatives who have made the move to Arizona and Idaho.

    Uprooting a family and moving away from a community is probably one of the hardest decisions to make, politics aside. So, while I am intending to stay and “clean up the mess”, perhaps a little compassion from you might be appropriate for California’s new expats.

    The “pollution” to which you refer is actually a bunch of great people.

      Leslie, I am sure that they are great people and I do have compassion. However, having watched people from elsewhere with different ideas move in and take over in a number of states, I repeat. Please, Cali’s best and brightest whatever your political persuasion stay home and clean up the mess you made.

        alaskabob in reply to Granny. | March 3, 2018 at 4:12 pm

        Conspiracy aside… there was factors at play which were covert and intended to shift the state Left. It just didn’t happen and it didn’t all happen in the daylight of public attention.

Don’t CALIFORNICATE California !

Emigration reform. There are known first-order forcings of both CAIR (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Immigration Reform) and mass emigration (“exodus”) from second and third-world nations.

regardless of any opinion on California, the sad reality is that once the Marxist parasites kill it, they’ll just move on to another state probably yours.

Kill the Masters. Kill the Marxists.

The red states view Californians much like the Europeans view the refugees. They come to take advantage of what the red-state values create, but are poor at assimilating and disdain the locals as being inferior. They band together to change the laws and turn it into the mess they left.

The Golden State ranked 50th in quality of life by fairing poorly in the natural and social environment categories.

But #4 in terms of economics.