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Miami University Pays Students to Promote ‘Radical Feminism’

Miami University Pays Students to Promote ‘Radical Feminism’

“to organize events for students, such as World Hijab Day”

It’s one thing to allow students to promote an ideology. Paying them to do it is completely different.

Campus Reform reports:

Miami University paying students to promote ‘radical feminism’

The Women’s Center at Miami University is paying students to organize events that promote “social justice and radical feminism” on campus.

Launched in 2017, the Women’s Center Internship recruits up to seven interns per year to organize events for students, such as World Hijab Day and the Male Ally Awards, that align with the Center’s mission to promote “women’s empowerment.”

Although the Center will soon hire a new batch of interns for the upcoming school year, student Elisabeth Dodd is now in her second year of the internship program.

Dodd, a Social Justice major, told Campus Reform that her work with the Women’s Center is a crucial tool for fighting the “oppressive” environment at Miami University, which is consistently ranked among the top public universities in Ohio, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The school is “physically very heteronormative, white, sexist, and very problematic in general and exclusionary. Very hierarchical. Student workers aren’t valued as much, and there’s not a lot of visibility,” Dodd commented, labeling the architecture of the school’s student center one of the main social justice issues on campus, saying it creates a false perception of diversity.

“In our student center, everything is glass. And it kind of felt like students are on display,” she explained. “The actual set-up of the student center…Miami definitely advertises its students, in a way that isn’t comfortable for everybody.”


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Um, what?

World Hijab Day promotes women’s empowerment? That are these fools smoking? Pushing Islamic propaganda under the guise of feminism is incredible.

DINORightMarie | March 10, 2018 at 9:14 am

First – there is a college MAJOR in “Social Justice”?!?!!? WTF?!

Second – if they are paid interns, then they are probably borderline-acceptable. Most colleges have internships, paid and unpaid, so this may be part of that program.

However, if they are being told to push for leftist-propaganda to be spewed on campus, then those internships should be in question, and possibly eliminated as positions that the university sanctions. Viewpoint favoritism by paying students to push one political viewpoint and promote one religion over another is the issue, IMHO.