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FOX News reports:

‘Pronouns matter’: Georgia college suggests ‘ne’ and ‘ve’ as gender-neutral words

The LGBT Resource Center at a Georgia college may want to pay a visit to the English department after a new controversial pamphlet lists several gender pronouns as “ne,” “ve,” and “ey.”

The words are featured in a pamphlet titled “Pronouns Matter: A guide to using gender neutral pronouns” that administrators handed out in Kennesaw State University’s Student Center Tuesday, as reported by

Tammy Demel, a university spokesperson, told Fox News it was “made available by the Kennesaw State Office of Student Engagement for those in the campus community with questions or who had particular interest in this topic.”

Demel added, “There is no policy at Kennesaw State University requiring the use of gender neutral pronouns nor for the wide distribution of these materials.”

The pamphlet tells students to “understand a person’s pronouns can change; do not assume the preferred pronouns from yesterday will still apply today.”