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History Conference at Stanford Deemed too White and Male

History Conference at Stanford Deemed too White and Male

“This goes for the GUINNESS BOOK of the century!”

The professional bean counters of academia are at it again.

The College Fix reports:

Uh oh: Stanford history conference was ‘too white’ and ‘too male’

A history conference at Stanford University earlier this month is being panned for the crime of … featuring too many white male speakers.

The demographics of the Applied History conference organized by Hoover Institution fellow Niall Ferguson didn’t cause much of a stir — that is, until Howard University’s Ana Lucia Araujo tweeted about it on March 14.

Ferguson ended up expressing regret for not having more women participants:

“I have no doubt that there are many talented female historians whom I should have invited,” he wrote to The Stanford Daily. “I reproach myself for not knowing them and not having done more to get to know them.”


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“I reproach myself …”

How to claim guilt and show yourself to be a better person than everyone else in one easy lesson. Liberalism at its finest. (/sarc)

e pluribus unum | March 19, 2018 at 9:48 pm

Just have half the guys announce they are “identifying” as female for the duration of the conference in order to soothe the tender sensibilities of the pigmentation politicians.

And how DARE anyone question their identity!