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Harvard to Begin Enforcing Co-Ed Policy on Female Clubs

Harvard to Begin Enforcing Co-Ed Policy on Female Clubs

“all-women groups at the university are forced to open their doors to men”

Harvard has banned single sex clubs. They were trying to give female clubs a wider berth on the new policy but will now enforce it.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard backtracks, yanks ‘bridge’ program, forces female groups to go co-ed

Harvard sharply reversed course this week on a proposed “bridge” policy extended to female-only groups at the university, cancelling a program that would have allowed the groups a transitional period before forced to allow men to join the organizations.

The university will instead offer “resources and personnel specifically to help women’s groups transition to co-ed status,” The Harvard Crimson reports.

The Harvard Corporation voted at the end of last year to implement a policy which states that any member of a single-sex organization at Harvard “will be permanently blocked from serving in campus leadership positions, athletic captaincies or recommendations for postgraduate fellowships such as the Rhodes.”

Under the policy, all-women groups at the university are forced to open their doors to men, but those groups “would have been able to retain a ‘gender focus’ while still complying with the College’s policy for three to five years,” according to The Crimson. The “bridge policy” was reportedly motivated by a “lack of spaces for female students.”

On Thursday the college discarded that policy, declaring that women-only groups must transition immediately.


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Hear that squeaking sound? That’s me playing the world’s smallest violin for the Harvard Harpies who are, no doubt, screeching at this decision right now.

Karma is such a b*tch, ain’t it?

So, no more freedom of association?
Mind boggling.

    lc in reply to lc. | March 4, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    Does this include opening “women sports” to anyone and everyone?

    One of the craziest leftist lines is that too many white Americans aren’t friends with black people. They completely neglect to note that white Americans are over 70% of the population, while black Americans are about 13-14% of the population. Add to this the fact that, except in the South, the majority of black people live in urban areas, and it’s a point so fallacious that it’s cringe-worthy. How can the majority of white Americans possibly befriend such a tiny percentage of the population, most of whom live hundreds of miles from them? /smh

I think it would more correct to say that they have claimed to be enforcing that policy on female-only groups. I do not believe they will actually enforce that policy, nor that they will actually levy penalties at female-only groups that don’t meaningfully comply with the stated policy.