Harvard has banned single sex clubs. They were trying to give female clubs a wider berth on the new policy but will now enforce it.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard backtracks, yanks ‘bridge’ program, forces female groups to go co-ed

Harvard sharply reversed course this week on a proposed “bridge” policy extended to female-only groups at the university, cancelling a program that would have allowed the groups a transitional period before forced to allow men to join the organizations.

The university will instead offer “resources and personnel specifically to help women’s groups transition to co-ed status,” The Harvard Crimson reports.

The Harvard Corporation voted at the end of last year to implement a policy which states that any member of a single-sex organization at Harvard “will be permanently blocked from serving in campus leadership positions, athletic captaincies or recommendations for postgraduate fellowships such as the Rhodes.”

Under the policy, all-women groups at the university are forced to open their doors to men, but those groups “would have been able to retain a ‘gender focus’ while still complying with the College’s policy for three to five years,” according to The Crimson. The “bridge policy” was reportedly motivated by a “lack of spaces for female students.”

On Thursday the college discarded that policy, declaring that women-only groups must transition immediately.