A gunman, who swore allegiance to ISIS, took hostages at a French supermarket in Trèbes and killed at least two people there. Before that, he murdered a motorist and stole his car.

At 2:50PM local time, reports say that the police have shot the attacker to death.

From The Telegraph:

French police have confirmed that two people have been killed and about a dozen wounded in the supermarket hostage-taking.

However, the casualty toll is likely to rise, the regional head of the gendarmes said. “We are unfortunately expecting to find more victims,” he told Sud-Ouest newspaper.

A spokesman with the national police service said that it is unclear whether there are still hostages inside the store. The spokesman said a police operation to apprehend the assailant is still under way.

The gunman has demanded French authorities release Salah Abdeslam, a surviving member of an ISIS cell that attacked Paris in November 2015. He and others killed 130 people. The attacker is of Moroccan national and the French intelligence agency had prior knowledge of him.

The Associated Press has reported that the man wounded at least a dozen people and that “a police operation to apprehend the assailant is still underway.”

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the situation “seems to be a terrorist act.” DUH.

Before the hostage situation, someone shot a jogging police officer in Carcassone, which is about 15 minutes from Trèbes. Police said they found the car used in that attack at the supermarket.