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DePaul Reverses Decision, Will Allow Steven Crowder to Speak on Campus

DePaul Reverses Decision, Will Allow Steven Crowder to Speak on Campus

“They realized that they messed up”

As we pointed out recently, DePaul allowed a terrorist to hold a fundraiser on campus. Their decision to bar Crowder from speaking was outrageous.

Campus Reform reports:

DePaul reverses decision to reject Steven Crowder

DePaul University has overturned its decision to prevent the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter from hosting conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder.

After initially rejecting Crowder’s invitation, the university later agreed to “reconsider” the event because the Speaker Review Board had failed to invite a single YAF member to discuss the proposal.

On Friday, however, three YAF members and their advisor met with the Board to discuss the invitation, as well as an invitation the conservative club had extended to James O’Keefe, both of which have now been approved.

“I am writing to you on behalf of the Student Organization Speaker Review Board regarding the DePaul Young Americans for Freedom speaker applications for Steven Crowder. This [sic] requests have been approved,” Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Peggy Burke informed YAF President Jorin Burkhart, according to an email obtained by Campus Reform.

Burkhart, who was initially skeptical that the decision would be overturned, told Campus Reform that he was “surprised that we were able to get the Board to reverse its decision.”

“They realized that they messed up, gave us a second chance, and had no choice but to affirm free speech,” he added, noting that YAF members had hoped that the appeals process would allow them to highlight Crowder’s strong suits, particularly pointing to his popular “Change My Mind” segments.

“Crowder presents an opportunity to expose students to perspectives which they may be unfamiliar with. We wanted to show the board that segments like ‘Change My Mind’ would give students an opportunity to engage with one another in respectful debate,” YAF member James Kindt told Campus Reform.


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Whoopie! A guy who should not be THAT controversial has been allowed to speak. How far we have fallen.

    Paul In Sweden in reply to elle. | March 15, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    Crowder has become more edgy. His latest stunt with putting Sven the computer in a meeting of gender confused people was funny as heck but did push the envelope. Banned from Twitter and Youtube, I think Crowder is back on youtube(I watch Levin, Crowder, Malkin and Gavin on CRTV so the bans do not effect me much… although they do).

    If the Universities were to support free speech they would charge the University groups/faculty Fees for their planned counter protests. Why should the counter protesters that utilize University’s security & facilities ride for free? Why should the outside agitators that are well organized & financed be allowed to ride for free? It seems to me that if you are staging a counter protest with a projected X number of counter protesters on University grounds you should be charged for the security and facility use.