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Dartmouth Professor Will Write Intro to Antifa Comic Book

Dartmouth Professor Will Write Intro to Antifa Comic Book

“Psyched to be writing the introduction”

Academia is way too cozy with Antifa. This is further proof.

The Daily Caller reports:

Dartmouth Prof To Write Intro To Antifa Comic Book

A Dartmouth professor will write the introduction to an Antifa comic book due to be published in September.

Arsenal Pulp Press commissioned Dartmouth lecturer Mark Bray to write the intro for The Antifa Comic Book: 100 Years of Fascism and Antifa Movements around the World by Gord Hill. Bray previously authored Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook and donated half of the book’s profits to Antifa.

“Psyched to be writing the introduction to the Antifa comic book coming out soon,” Bray said on Twitter, posting what appears to be the book’s cover art.


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He is not a Dartmouth professor. He is someone who was likely hire as a sabbatical replacement to teach a course or two for one or two semesters. Don’t give him more credit than he deserves. He has had a PhD for less than two years.

A supposed professor to write an introduction to a comic book? A comic book being used to educate the masses about Antifa? The volumes this speaks to our public, their knowledge levels, and so many other issues in remarkable. Can you imagine a person applying for a prestigious position and claiming how one of their most notable accomplishments was to have written an introduction to a comic book. Joseph Heller could never write anything this absurd or funny.