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Conservative Display Destroyed and Torn Down at St. Olaf College

Conservative Display Destroyed and Torn Down at St. Olaf College

“Nice display!”

This is the same school where left wing students perpetrated a race hoax last year in order to issue demands.

The College Fix reports:

Our campus display explained why we’re conservative. Our peers tore it down.

This week my school’s College Republicans and Turning Point USA chapters at St. Olaf College decided to put up a display we called “Why I’m a Conservative.”

It featured expressions from myself and other group members such as “All human life has value,” “Facts > feelings,” “I love economic freedom” and “I pay taxes.” Additional signs invited students to “come speak your mind” at our weekly meetings, listing the time we meet and room number. Others said “Just because you are offended, doesn’t mean you are right.”

The very next day, one sign with the Second Amendment written on it and another saying “capitalism cures poverty” were torn down. That same day, a female student approached me and said “Nice display!” I replied “Oh, thank you!” in a cheery tone, happy to have reached students I did not know.

“I’m f*cking kidding” she snapped back, and marched away.

“Oh no, what’s wrong with it?” I shouted after her, to no avail.

By Wednesday, other students had made their own signs in response to ours, and peppered our administration-approved exhibit with their own rhetoric.


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The administrators are idiots.

They’re not weak, they’re complicit.