This happened at St. Cloud State. The display included phrases like “In God we trust” and “Defund Planned Parenthood.” Progressive students at schools all over the country say much worse on a daily basis.

The College Fix reports:

College Republicans president resigns rather than apologize for free speech wall that triggered peers

Mathias Eike wasn’t even born in America, Norway is his home country.

Yet his dedication to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is so strong he recently resigned as president of the St. Cloud State University College Republicans rather than apologize to progressive peers who became enraged over the group’s free speech wall display.

The St. Cloud State University College Republicans’ display included statements such as “Support our troops,” “Marriage is between a man and a woman,” “list of all existing genders: male, female,” “In God We Trust,” “killing babies is wrong,” “Defund Planned Parenthood,” “Build a wall,” “Hillary for Prison,” “Proud Deplorable Trump 2020,” “Legal immigrants welcome,” “Support the police,” Pepe the frog saying “Feels great again, man,” and other expressions.

It also contained a tiny image of a Confederate flag next to the words “Pro life, pro gun, pro America.” Another small image had a comic strip that included the words “autistic screeching.”

Some students became so upset by the free speech wall they accused the College Republicans of “hate speech” and “inciting violence” during a heated February campus meeting over it. But even after a parade of his peers took to the mic and accused Eike and other GOP students of hatred, the international student stood his ground.

“I don’t feel like stepping back on free speech is the way to go,” Eike, 21, told The College Fix in a telephone interview.


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