We’re getting to the point where language is losing its meaning. The left is making up new words around gender on a regular basis.

The Daily Caller reports:

Get Ready, Even More Personal Pronouns At College

“Co,” “kit,” and “sie” are just a few of the personal pronouns advertised by Bryn Mawr College.

The Pennsylvania college’s “inclusion center” published a guide titled “Asking For and Using Pronouns: Making Spaces More Gender-Inclusive.” The guide explains why pronouns are important, how to correct mistakes made in addressing people by their pronouns, and examples of personal pronouns, reported Campus Reform.

“To incorrectly gender someone can cause the person to feel disrespected, alienated, or dysphoric (or a combination of the three),” states Bryn Mawr’s center for community development and inclusion. “Asking for pronouns can prevent emotional distress from happening, and sets an example of respect.”

In the pronoun example part of the guide, the center gives examples on how students can the personal pronouns in nominative, objective, possessive, and reflexives tenses. “Co knows,” reads the guide, demonstrating the former tense. “Kit likes kitself,” says the guide, exhibiting the latter one.