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Berkeley Students Told Microaggressions can be ‘Lethal’

Berkeley Students Told Microaggressions can be ‘Lethal’

“racial battle fatigue”

Why does no one ever call out such ridiculous things when they’re happening? This is simply absurd.

Campus Reform reported:

Microaggressions can be ‘lethal,’ profs tells Berkeley students

A UCLA professor told students at the University of California, Berkeley Wednesday night that “racial microaggressions” can be “lethal” because they lead to “racial battle fatigue.”

Dr. Daniel Solorzano, a Sociology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, also declared that racial microaggressions are a tool to “keep those at the racial margins systemically in their place” during his lecture on “Free Speech and Racial Microaggressions.”

Solorzano rejected the conventional definition of microaggressions as often-unintentional behaviors that have no malicious intent, but are perceived as such. Instead, he argued that they should be perceived as “assaults directed at people of color” based on the “academic, psychological, and sociological toll on those targeted.”

Solorzano further asserted during a follow-up interview with Campus Reform that, due to the ubiquity of racism in American society, “the ‘micro’ in microaggressions does not mean ‘less than’ [macroaggressions]. The micro in microaggressions means ‘in the everyday'” [emphasis his].

On several occasions throughout the event, the UCLA professor even went so far as to say that such constant exposure to microaggressions can actually be “lethal” to those on the receiving end of them.


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I hope the dear professor includes anti-Semitic micro-aggressions as being “lethal” and causing “battle fatigue.”

So this faculty pinhead thinks microaggressions are lethal, eh? Well then, I reckon he really wouldn’t want to know what constitutes a macroaggression.