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Anarchist Students at U. Pittsburgh Offer Free Service to Deal With ‘Snitches’

Anarchist Students at U. Pittsburgh Offer Free Service to Deal With ‘Snitches’

What could go wrong?

Left wing college students in America are devolving into Mao’s Red Guard right before our eyes.

The Daily Caller reports:

Anarchist Students Offer Free Service To Deal With Snitches

Anarchist students at the University of Pittsburgh are offering a free service to deal with snitches to “discourage” “toxic behavior.”

The Didn’t See Sh*t Crew advertises: “help dealing with a rat” via “snitch-shaming” and “unsolicited interviews” in addition to legal support and poster design or op-ed writing.

“We’re sick of seeing good kids get expelled, arrested, or otherwise screwed over because some holier-than-thou bootlicker decided to fuck up someone’s life,” the group states, “because some snitch reported a graffiti artist, or tipped off a Pitt employee about a darknet mail order, or called the cops on students for flyering and promoting events without a permit, or chose to be an asshole of an RA and actually conduct a random dorm search, or ratted out a student who stole the textbooks they couldn’t afford.”

The Didn’t See Sh*t Crew’s site features an embedded poster depicting two children in front of a police car with the phrase “Snitches Get Stitches.” The kid in the background appears to be talking with the police officer, while the kid in the foreground appears to be hiding a revolver behind his back.


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A free service? I dunno, doesn’t sound like a very good business model, to me. I bet it won’t be long till they start “redistributing” the wealth of their targets.

Having looked at the pic at the top of the page, I’d suggest a quick way to end mask wearing by antifa types. Namely, announce that any antifas arrested while wearing a mask will have it crazy-glued to their faces.

Trust me, if such a policy is enacted, the masks will come off faster than Stormy Daniels’ clothes in her movies.

When classes and scholarship do not matter, you end up with simpletons.

    Cleetus in reply to puhiawa. | March 28, 2018 at 4:19 am

    Have you talked to a college grad recently? Many of them are simpletons.
    I went back to “finish my education” and get a double major in English and Philosophy, but after three courses I called it quits. In one English course I found I did not have to read any of the assignments (all of them by obscure writers from third world countries and/or women/minorities writing on a shallow level) and could still easily ace unannounced in class writings using tried and true BS. The instructor was a nice lady (Masters level), but she was clearly an Affirmative Action hire and had trouble with the material. In fact, I found myself correcting her grammar and writing. I aced the course and had learned absolutely zero.
    What finally took the cake was in a philosophy class where we drilled down into the philosophy seen in a movie about a guy who had a thing about using a power drill to drill holes in his own head. Discussions about Plato, Kant, or anyone else were just to pedestrian evidently, so I quit never to return. It was an utter waste of time and absolutely no exercise in scholarship remotely similar to that I experienced 40 year ago (my Word, has it been that long!).

If the mafia put out an ad in the newspaper advertising their services, they would be arrested just for posting the ad.

These guys are more criminal than the mafia. Arrest them for inciting violence and threatening.