Thursday, Kemberlee blogged that a Massachusetts man was arrested for allegedly sending the Trump’s the white powder-laced letter.

 That powder was determined to be cornstarch and nobody was injured. However, in a separate incident last week, a suspicious letter containing an unknown substance was opened at a Marine Corps base in Virginia, which resulted in 11 people being treated for severe eye and respiratory system irritation.

Staff at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington suffered nose bleeds and complained or burning sensations after the unidentified chemical sparked a hazmat situation on Tuesday.

Henderson Hall is the headquarters of the US Marine Corps. It is an administrative center that includes both military and civilian personnel.

Three people had symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization. Fortunately, all three have been released.

The problems started when a sergeant opened up the letter as it arrived at the base.

The Pentagon official told NBC News a gunnery sergeant opened a letter and showed it to a superior. The two then started to feel sick.

A colonel decided to evacuate the building. Several and police units and medics responded to the scene.

The text of the letter was a screed directed at the commanding officer.

The law enforcement official said the text of the letter contained derogatory, at time unintelligible and ranting language, and was addressed to a commanding officer at the base. Investigators are still determining what relationship, if any, the sender had with the base.

Field tests came back negative for any harmful substances, and the FBI lab in Quantico is expected to conduct further analysis. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the Navy’s primary law enforcement agency, is expected to conduct a joint investigation with the bureau.

It will be interesting to see if they determine both the perpetrator and the motive: Revenge, terror, or progressive politics. You can bet that if leftist politics is behind the letter, there will be near media silence on the matter.

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