Imagine of the roles were reversed here. FOX News notes that the fraternity at the center of the controversy was joined by both former Bush presidents.

Yale sororities creating ‘blacklist’ of boys from Bush family fraternity who make women ‘feel uncomfortable’

Sororities at Yale University are now giving members the ability to “flag” names of people who allegedly make them feel uncomfortable, with the frat “blacklist” emerging amid the fallout from accusations of sexual misconduct by a fraternity whose legacies include both former Bush presidents.

The new measures by sororities Kappa Alpha Theta and Pi Beta Phi include giving out surveys to members before social events to include names of people they feel uncomfortable seeing there, the Yale Daily News reported.

“There is a general sentiment of disappointment regarding sexual safety on college campuses, and Theta is working to improve the safety of its members and all Yale students,” sorority chapter president Miranda Duster told the newspaper.

Duster said the list of people, including those who are “flagged,” is only available to Theta members and only for use at private chapter events. Those who are put on the list are barred from attending events hosted by the sorority.