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Yale Sororities Creating Blacklist of Frat Boys Who Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

Yale Sororities Creating Blacklist of Frat Boys Who Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

“working to improve the safety of its members and all Yale students”

Imagine of the roles were reversed here. FOX News notes that the fraternity at the center of the controversy was joined by both former Bush presidents.

Yale sororities creating ‘blacklist’ of boys from Bush family fraternity who make women ‘feel uncomfortable’

Sororities at Yale University are now giving members the ability to “flag” names of people who allegedly make them feel uncomfortable, with the frat “blacklist” emerging amid the fallout from accusations of sexual misconduct by a fraternity whose legacies include both former Bush presidents.

The new measures by sororities Kappa Alpha Theta and Pi Beta Phi include giving out surveys to members before social events to include names of people they feel uncomfortable seeing there, the Yale Daily News reported.

“There is a general sentiment of disappointment regarding sexual safety on college campuses, and Theta is working to improve the safety of its members and all Yale students,” sorority chapter president Miranda Duster told the newspaper.

Duster said the list of people, including those who are “flagged,” is only available to Theta members and only for use at private chapter events. Those who are put on the list are barred from attending events hosted by the sorority.


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Imagine if the roles were reversed here.

That would be the appropriate response. If the frats hang together and agree to boycott all sorority events and members, the girls will realize that they’ve scuttled their dreams of an MRS degree.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to daniel_ream. | February 3, 2018 at 8:49 am

    That scuttlingt might noit be a bad idea in the long run. These women are the very same who marry, get the ikids they want, a nice house, a good car. Then, it’s “Honey I don’t love you anymore. One false move and I will report you for DV and sexual abuse of the children.”

This is a sad sign of our times, not just the unfairness of someone who gets their feelings hurt being able to get even using #metoo with few questions asked, but also because it shows how confused the women’s movement has become. Women’s movement was about equal opportunity, about not holding women back. But it also became a movement about sexual freedom. Nobody wants to go back to the days where an often simple youthful mistake resulted in a life of shame, only for the woman, not for the guy; he was a conquistador.

With the advent of birth control, the pendulum swung waaay back and women were applauded Cosmo and the movies for meaningless relationships and cheered that they now had the freedom to be jerks too. Witness Sex In The City. Supposedly, everyone was happy.

But everyone wasn’t happy. As a generalization, women don’t want meaningless sexual relationships and men are fine with them.
But Baby Boomer women never wanted to admit as much because they didn’t want to be called prudes. So now they are trying to keep cool and blame the men, instead of admitting they were wrong.

On one level, I don’t mind that the sororities makes lists of guys who are jerks. I don’t even really mind the idea of barring the jerks from events. But in today’s climate, he doesn’t have to be a jerk to make the list.

Some would say that’s the payback for the days of old when a girl’s life was tainted and ruined for less. But can’t we just move on? Why can’t people just be fair?

In my experience, girls who think like that rarely have trouble with boys.

Imagine if men frats kept lists about girls: Like which girls will have sexual relationships and then complain about them months or years later? Or a list of women who are ardent feminists who feel are men are pigs or rapists along with who are their friends so they could be avoided too? Or a list of women who are after a possible relationship only with men who will make a lot of money? Or women who got pregnant and went to a frat member demanding to be married? The possible lists are endless. You could be certain that in such event, women would go through the roof and some college administrator would outlaw the frat because the list(s) demean women or something. But defame men, nothing to see here….

I don’t think the sororities have thought this out. Their bone-headed little blacklist might well bring on multiple personal defamation suits.

I didn’t hang at the sororities. We went out. Get it?

“Good girls go to heaven while bad girls go everywhere.”

A Yale grad is still a huge catch when you are majoring in MRS and the standards will fall when you are in MRS402 with still no trophy on the wall.

All you have to do is look at OJ because he still has an endless supply of girlfriends.