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University of Memphis Bans Religious Cult From Campus

University of Memphis Bans Religious Cult From Campus

“they were, like, shoving their beliefs down my throat”

I’ve always been fascinated by cults but I’ve never heard of this group. Still, I can understand why the school doesn’t want them on campus.

The Daily Caller reported:

University Of Memphis Bans Korean Mind Control Cult From Campus

The University of Memphis banned a Korean mind control cult from campus after police said they were “aggressively discussing religion” and handing out literature.

The university announced via their emergency alert message system that authorities placed several members of the cult on criminal trespass following their attempts to aggressively proselytize students, according to WREG. The individuals belong to the Southaven cell of a cult known as the World Mission Society of God, which began in South Korea, professes belief in God the Mother as necessary for salvation.

“I just think it was a little awkward because I didn’t know them and they were, like, shoving their beliefs down my throat,” university student Jailyn Washington told WREG.

“They believe in some entity called God the Mother, and they tell you that in order to reach salvation you have to believe in God the Mother,” Washington added.

The cult asserts that God the Mother is incarnate in their elderly South Korean leader, Zang Gil-Jah, and that their founder, Ahnsahnghong, is an incarnation of the Holy Spirit that fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus’ second coming. Members of the cult, therefore, use their preach in their founder’s name and consider it one of the personal names of God.


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The article doesn’t say what they were doing on campus that got them banned. One can only hope that the nature of their beliefs played no role in the decision, and that the word “aggressively” is meant literally, and not, as it is the vast majority of the time, figuratively. Because they’re entitled to “discuss religion aggressively”, in the usual rather than literal sense, and the university has no right to stop them.

I wonder if they apply this banning against all cults “aggressively discussing religion”?

I bet they don’t serve religious arguments down there throats any more than the lefties do with lefty arguments.

Just make sure the satanic spawn aka muzslimes are banned as well.