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University of Dayton Advises Students to Avoid Terms ‘Husband and Wife’

University of Dayton Advises Students to Avoid Terms ‘Husband and Wife’

“gives recommendations for gender-neutral alternatives”

The University of Dayton in Ohio is a Catholic school. What’s going on here?

The Daily Caller reports:

A Catholic University Wants Students To Avoid Saying ‘Husband’ And ‘Wife’

A language guide posted by a Catholic university suggests that students use “spouse” or “significant other” instead of “husband” and “wife,” according to a Thursday report.

The University of Dayton in Ohio features the guide on the Women’s Center section of its site, reported The College Fix. The guide follows a layout of “instead of saying this…try saying this” and gives recommendations for gender-neutral alternatives to roughly two dozen words.

Along with proposing other words for “husband” and “wife,” the university recommends replacing “mankind” with “humankind” or “society.”

While other schools have also taken issue with such words, the University of Dayton goes further, suggesting replacing “manpower” with “workforce” or “labor” and substituting “representative” or “legislator” for “congressman” and “congresswoman.”

The school denied that its gender-inclusive lexicon constituted a “guide” or “advisory,” instead referring to it as an “educational resource.”


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So I guess any young couple who ARE PROUD OF THEIR MARRIAGE must now tiptoe around everyone else? F that.

They do realize huMANkind will eventually need to be replaced.

‘catholic’ today… Especially in education is simply a slogan… To draw unsuspecting parents & $$.

Catholic In Name Only….much like Notre Dame and Georgetown.
Sorry, UD, I’m happy to SHOUT that I am a female, and a wife!

While there is an active campus ministry,the overall atmosphere at the university is not that of a Catholic university. I have long taken exception to the University promoting itself as a Catholic. Institution. It is disingenuous in my opinion. It is Catholic only in origin. Otherwise, it is not much different than any other secular liberal arts school that promotes liberal thought and charges outrageous tuition to do so. Overall, it does provide a good experience for its graduates, just not a solid Catholic experience. It would be interesting to know what percentage of UD grads attend mass regularly after they graduate. That would seem to be a simple yet reasonable metric to assess the religious inspiration that the pseudo-Catholic University provides.

Given that (unfortunately) any adult can now have a husband or a wife, what’s the big deal with using those words? Does no one care about the offense I take when someone calls my husband my “partner”? He and I don’t own a business; we are married.