The University of Dayton in Ohio is a Catholic school. What’s going on here?

The Daily Caller reports:

A Catholic University Wants Students To Avoid Saying ‘Husband’ And ‘Wife’

A language guide posted by a Catholic university suggests that students use “spouse” or “significant other” instead of “husband” and “wife,” according to a Thursday report.

The University of Dayton in Ohio features the guide on the Women’s Center section of its site, reported The College Fix. The guide follows a layout of “instead of saying this…try saying this” and gives recommendations for gender-neutral alternatives to roughly two dozen words.

Along with proposing other words for “husband” and “wife,” the university recommends replacing “mankind” with “humankind” or “society.”

While other schools have also taken issue with such words, the University of Dayton goes further, suggesting replacing “manpower” with “workforce” or “labor” and substituting “representative” or “legislator” for “congressman” and “congresswoman.”

The school denied that its gender-inclusive lexicon constituted a “guide” or “advisory,” instead referring to it as an “educational resource.”