Maybe conservative students should start demanding things like mandatory firearms training. Do you think the left would like that?

Campus Reform reports:

Chicago students demand ‘diversity and inclusion’ grad requirement

A University of Chicago student group has issued a series of more than 50 demands, which include calls for a mandatory “Diversity and Inclusion” graduation requirement.

UChicago United, the group behind the demands, describes itself as “a coalition of multicultural student organizations formed to make the University of Chicago campus more inclusive for students of marginalized backgrounds and identities,” according to its Facebook page.

The group claims that the university “has consistently failed to meet the needs of its marginalized students,” and is thus “taking action to build accessible campus resources and measures of accountability to support the creation of an environment that minority students are able to lay claim to as their own.”

The group has been heavily involved in protesting a professor’s decision to invite Steve Bannon to campus, saying it is “currently engaged in a campaign to make UChicago a truly anti-racist, inclusive campus.”

“We encourage you to take a look at our demands,” the group’s post concludes, directing readers to a petition and encouraging them to sign.

In total, 51 demands are listed within the petition and endorsed by seven student organizations that are insisting the university establish a “Diversity and Inclusion” graduation requirement. The requirement would start with the class of 2022 and be primarily focused on “US-centric structural oppression, such as race, gender, and sexuality.”