Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager have partnered to make a documentary film about political correctness and the danger it presents to comedy and free speech, particularly on college campuses. The film is called “No Safe Spaces” and will be released this fall.

This is a very real issue, as we’ve pointed out in countless other posts. The environment on college campuses has become so toxic that many famous comedians will no longer perform at them.

The cast of the film was recently joined by conservative comic Tim Allen. He’ll fit right in.

Marisa Schultz reports at the New York Post:

Tim Allen joins docudrama taking down PC culture

Actor Tim Allen has joined the cast of new movie aimed at disrupting the liberal and PC culture in Hollywood, on college campuses and in comedy.

Allen’s “Last Man Standing” sitcom was canceled last year and outraged fans believe ABC pulled the plug because the family comedy highlighted conservative values. ABC denied it was over politics.

Allen has signed onto the docudrama “No Safe Spaces” that’s expected to hit theaters in the fall.

Fellow comedian Adam Carolla and conservative radio show host Dennis Prager are making the movie to promote free speech at a time they say the entertainment industry, media and college campuses too often shut down or blackball controversial viewpoints.

“Nothing kills comedy quite like people who are constantly offended,” Carolla told the Post. “It’s impossible to be funny if we’re not allowed to poke fun at each other and that’s what’s happening with a new generation of people who seem to be offended for a living.

Here’s a clip from the film:

Adam Carolla has been using crowdfunding to finance the film. This is an IndieWire report from last May but it describes how he has been raising money:

Adam Carolla Crowdfunding for Anti–Safe Spaces Documentary

Comedian and podcast personality Adam Carolla has teamed up with conservative radio host Dennis Prager to make “No Safe Spaces,” a documentary about political correctness at universities in the United States. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two have been filming at various colleges, including California State University, Northridge —where they were initially not allowed inside — and U.C. Berkeley, where Ann Coulter had to cancel her speech in April as a result of threats of violence.

Carolla and Prager have started an Indiegogo campaign, looking to raise $500,000 for their film, which will then be matched by the same amount by Capital Research Center’s Dangerous Documentaries, as reported by THR. “No Safe Spaces” is a criticism against universities’ “safe spaces,” which refers to educational institutions offering a safe place for distressed students who may be victims of hate violence or speech.

“College used to be a place where young people went to broaden their horizons, have some fun, and graduate with a degree that prepared them for the world. But now, if you don’t think the right way or use the right words, you may end up being protested or thrown out of school. What the heck happened?” reads a message on the “No Safe Spaces” Indiegogo page.

I look forward to seeing this and writing a review for Legal Insurrection.

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