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Tim Allen Takes on Political Correctness in New Documentary

Tim Allen Takes on Political Correctness in New Documentary

“Nothing kills comedy quite like people who are constantly offended”

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager have partnered to make a documentary film about political correctness and the danger it presents to comedy and free speech, particularly on college campuses. The film is called “No Safe Spaces” and will be released this fall.

This is a very real issue, as we’ve pointed out in countless other posts. The environment on college campuses has become so toxic that many famous comedians will no longer perform at them.

The cast of the film was recently joined by conservative comic Tim Allen. He’ll fit right in.

Marisa Schultz reports at the New York Post:

Tim Allen joins docudrama taking down PC culture

Actor Tim Allen has joined the cast of new movie aimed at disrupting the liberal and PC culture in Hollywood, on college campuses and in comedy.

Allen’s “Last Man Standing” sitcom was canceled last year and outraged fans believe ABC pulled the plug because the family comedy highlighted conservative values. ABC denied it was over politics.

Allen has signed onto the docudrama “No Safe Spaces” that’s expected to hit theaters in the fall.

Fellow comedian Adam Carolla and conservative radio show host Dennis Prager are making the movie to promote free speech at a time they say the entertainment industry, media and college campuses too often shut down or blackball controversial viewpoints.

“Nothing kills comedy quite like people who are constantly offended,” Carolla told the Post. “It’s impossible to be funny if we’re not allowed to poke fun at each other and that’s what’s happening with a new generation of people who seem to be offended for a living.

Here’s a clip from the film:

Adam Carolla has been using crowdfunding to finance the film. This is an IndieWire report from last May but it describes how he has been raising money:

Adam Carolla Crowdfunding for Anti–Safe Spaces Documentary

Comedian and podcast personality Adam Carolla has teamed up with conservative radio host Dennis Prager to make “No Safe Spaces,” a documentary about political correctness at universities in the United States. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two have been filming at various colleges, including California State University, Northridge —where they were initially not allowed inside — and U.C. Berkeley, where Ann Coulter had to cancel her speech in April as a result of threats of violence.

Carolla and Prager have started an Indiegogo campaign, looking to raise $500,000 for their film, which will then be matched by the same amount by Capital Research Center’s Dangerous Documentaries, as reported by THR. “No Safe Spaces” is a criticism against universities’ “safe spaces,” which refers to educational institutions offering a safe place for distressed students who may be victims of hate violence or speech.

“College used to be a place where young people went to broaden their horizons, have some fun, and graduate with a degree that prepared them for the world. But now, if you don’t think the right way or use the right words, you may end up being protested or thrown out of school. What the heck happened?” reads a message on the “No Safe Spaces” Indiegogo page.

I look forward to seeing this and writing a review for Legal Insurrection.

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Never should have gotten to this point. Now adults are on the defensive, rear guard actions in an orderly retreat from SJW bullies.

Should have punched them in the teeth. But that’s unseemly, too much drama, we’re better than that (vomit).

It was a funny line.

Generally, you cannot force people to laugh or not. The sjw’s aren’t against comedy…they’re just against allowing folks to perform it or to attend those performances.

Clearly, if the entertainment audience is not sufficiently motivated to purchase tickets, then those entertainers and/or that medium will suffer and fade. As usual, the totalitarian minority continues to force its will on the vast majority.

Forcing folks to abstain from attending or performing simply because the sjw’s don’t approve is just about as anti-American as it gets.

    YellowSnake in reply to bear. | February 3, 2018 at 11:40 am

    Oh, you can be a lot more anti-American than that. You could selectively declassify documents for political purposes.

      Arminius in reply to YellowSnake. | February 3, 2018 at 12:09 pm

      Give it a rest. There was nothing classified in that memo. Hence, unclassified. There was nothing un-American about publishing. In fact, it was one of the most American things I’ve ever seen.

      Since when has it become “American” to keep people in the dark?

        YellowSnake in reply to Arminius. | February 3, 2018 at 12:24 pm

        Then the democrats are free to publish a rebuttal without review by Trump?

          They’ve already been doing that every day by leaking to the media. Hell, even the Steele dossier was leaked to Yahoo News to create a fake corroboration of itself.

          No one is buying what you are selling. You aren’t part of a “resistance” you are a traitor to America. A traitor allowed to walk freely amoung us and spread your Marxist propaganda on our blogs. Oooooh so oppressed. Get over yourself. Loser.

          What’s stopping them? The MSM? Grow up YellowTroll.

          Sure, the Democrat members of the Committee are fully free to publish their own memo. Just as soon as they comply with the REQUIREMENTS of the Committee:

          1.) they have to ACTUALLY write a memo (they haven’t);
          2.) they have to ACTUALLY circulate it to the Committee members for review (they haven’t);
          3.) they have to ACTUALLY get the document reviewed by the relevant agencies that have input (FBI, DOJ, POTUS office) (they haven’t).
          4.) they FINALLY have to ACTUALLY bring it up for a vote in the Committee (they haven’t).

          When the Democrat members are ready to respect the PROCESS, then and ONLY THEN can they whine about how “they need to release information” in order to not be misleading.


        YellowSnake in reply to Arminius. | February 3, 2018 at 1:42 pm

        @Fen None of the items you cite were classified.

        Never said I was part of a “resistance”. Just trying to inject a bit of reality in your bubble. Besides, we are the majority.

        Calling me a Marxist is ad hominem and incorrect, although I am pleased that what you refer to as my propaganda is spreading.

        I am far from oppressed, although I do care about those that I perceive as being oppressed. I care about our shared environment being despoiled.

        I am a traitor? Too what? Certainly not to the ideals of this country or the Constitution. I am sorry that you support a fake ideal that bears no relation to the truth or unabridged history. But I am not a traitor to your delusion since I never supported it..

        Stop looking in the mirror and calling the image you see: ‘a loser’.

      OH GO AWAY you insufferable troll!

      The Nunes Memo clearly shows that high-ranking political leadership at the FBI and DOJ failed to disclose to a FISA Judge that the main document (the STEELE Dossier) that they were relying upon as the basis for a FISA surveillance warrant (AKA WIRETAPPING) was 100% a creation of the DNC, bought-and-paid for by the Clinton campaign, being an opposition candidate’s campaign, and was written by an individual with a KNOWN political bias.

      Further, they failed to disclose that the one of the individuals that had a hand in FusionGPS (BRUCE OHR’S wife), was a related party to one of the individuals pushing the dossier at DOJ (BRUCE OHR). Had they disclosed that, there is no non-partisan Judge on this PLANET that would have given them the surveillance warrant.

      Lying to a FISC Judge to obtain a warrnat is a FELONY. An omission of relevant information in this instance IS A LIE. The concealing of the OHR husband-wife connection and their relationship with STEELE was a material misrepresentation.

      Write it down; mark my words: Individuals WILL be going to jail for this breach of Federal FISA law. The HIGH likelihood is that it will be JAMES COMEY, ANDREW MCCABE and BRUCE OHR. SALLY YATES and ROD ROSENSTEIN are both in jeopardy. CHRISTOPHER STEELE, to the extent that he may have leaked classified information he obtained from the FBI may also be in jeopardy.

      As others have said here: this is only the tip of the iceberg (or the sword, if you prefer). When the Inspector General report hits, expect the rats named above to run for the deepest, darkest hole they can find so that they don’t live out the rest of their days in Federal Prison.

Q. How many Feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. Feminists: THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!!!

Please, please is there any more powerful piece of political correctness than the President of the United States attacking football players for kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. He is a politician (my god!) and he did single them out for being incorrect!

    casualobserver in reply to YellowSnake. | February 3, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Hahaha. Why is it the dimmest bulbs are most often the ones who spend time trolling on sites populated with opposing views? It’s true of some conservatives I see on progressive sites, too.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand the difference between criticizing an action to express a viewpoint and the crying about an opposing viewpoint being EVIL or WRONG or RACIST or whatever, is either being willfully ignorant is honestly a moron.

    No YellowTroll … he said they were bad for business and that the owners (the people that stand to lose money) would be crazy for not booting them out or shutting them down. Trump professed his business leanings by essentially saying SJW on your own time and your own dime.

    I love how leftist’s absolutely can’t understand customer service and how creating wealth works, I guess that is why they are generationaly poor and stupid.

Wonderful to see the right building its own cultural outlets.

This is totally off topic, but Poco is a great choice for Video of the Day.

I think this is a necessary discussion that is worth having. I find this stuff entertaining, but I’m odd that way, and I will probably buy a ticket to watch it. However, the people who really need to hear this won’t take the timeout from molesting each other, or stop shouting down invited speakers at campus, or refrain from screaming in the streets wearing genitalia costumes long enough to even know this production exists.

I would also like to point out that cinema houses, theatres, etc., are old school, except for billion dollar CGI festivals, like Batman 147, Warrior Space Family Dysfunction pt. 11, or retreads of shopworn TV shows from the 1970’s.

It’s the new millennia, kiddies! Digital streaming to a menagerie of devices is all the rage. Go ROKU, NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. Or, if you can infiltrate past the censorship tyrants, post to Youtub, Live Leak, Faceboo, but successfully collecting revenue is the rub in those arenas. Heck, Prager has a massive website that can host it, too. Make it pay-per-view via PayPal or Go Fund Me.

These digital platforms will provide a much better opportunity for more eyes and ears – even those of molesters, screamers, and genitalia fashionistas.

“Now adults are on the defensive…”

Not me, Fen. I remain on the offensive. Very offensive when the snowflakes call for it. I don’t know how adult that makes me.

I should probably break that habit. My hand speed and my legs just aren’t what they used to be. I’m not bad for 55 considering I’ve destroyed just about every joint in my body playing rugby and then later when I got angry when I found out I couldn’t become an EOD diver so I decided I’d show the Navy and go SPECWAR.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m not SEAL. When I swim, it’s ugly and slow. The only thing I can compare it to is dragging a tomcat off a shake roof by the tail. I was swimming a mile a day trying to get my time down. Then one morning I woke up unable to move. I couldn’t even reach for the remote as I had blown out my shoulders. So I laid there watching whatever was on next on BET for the entire weekend.

I just dropped and pumped out 25 pushups and then did 100 deep knee bends. But my shoulders still sound like bowls of rice crispies. Don’t get me started about my hips, knees, and ankles. If you insist on doing things like playing hurt or skiing on a sprained ankle because it’s too late for a refund on the trip you deserve the agony you’re going to get later.

I need to stay out of the octagon with anyone younger than me who knows what they’re doing, though. But I can still take on the snowflakes.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | February 3, 2018 at 12:36 pm

From the get-go PC has always been about destroying free speech, and destroying the 1st amendment.

College used to be a place where young people went to broaden their horizons, have some fun, and graduate with a degree that prepared them for the world. But now, if you don’t think the right way or use the right words, you may end up being protested or thrown out of school. What the heck happened?

Yes, that is exactly what James Meredith was seeking when he attempted to enroll at Ole Miss. I guess he was just too politically incorrect.

    Yup, in the recent year of 2008 .. errr 2012 … er 1962. FML YellowTroll you make the most nonsensical arguments. Maybe you should have included what year marked the end of Jim Crow. That would be 3 years later in 1965. And because I know you skipped math altogether … that would be 56 years ago. Great example YellowTroll ::slowclap:: Great example.

casualobserver | February 3, 2018 at 12:53 pm

I just posted on the article above this about the teacher who criticized the Marines and the student wearing their name on his chest.

And the reason this video from Carolla and Prager is so desperately needed is exactly exemplified by that teacher. It isn’t that the teacher said those things or that the educational system is almost totally composed of those with one ideology. The problem is that they have reached a point where they feel absolute confidence to assert their beliefs using almost any language because the seem certain there are no risks. They are ensconced in a place where there are no risks or consequences – in modern lingo I guess it is a safe space for everything they want to say. And to me that signals extreme certainty that “they own the place.” In their minds, at at least, they have perfect freedom with no chance for repercussions.

No longer any need for caution or apprehension.

Yellow Snake: “Hail Hydra!”

Really all one needs to know about him.

It all goes back to one thing: The left has never been able to laugh at itself and cannot abide even simple satire or parody. Along with that, the more strident and “progressive” they become, the angrier their overall disposition also gets.

    YellowSnake in reply to maxmillion. | February 3, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Trump has never been able to laugh at himself and cannot abide even simple satire or parody. Along with that, the more strident and “repressive” he becomes, the angrier his overall disposition gets. His followers are worse.

      Doesn’t really refute his statement. At best its “Your guy has faults also!”. Not to mention you just made crap up. I’ve never been abetter Trump fan. Don’t think he’s particularly presidential. But hehas hasn’t been repressive and he hasn’t gotten more strident. Its demonstrably false but still there you go.

Yellow Snake needs a middle name ,I suggest bellied

We used to have a better class of troll.

Well, maybe next week…

Actually, it’s OK. Whatever show they replaced it with, can’t be doing near as good. So they shoot themselves in the foot.

I don’t know if you’re watching what’s been going on, but it’s no surprise. Hollywood want pedophilia legalized and won’t stop until they do. They already legalized child prostitution in CA. That’s what they want, total depravity.

It’s call EVIL for those who live in Rio Linda…

California State University, Northridge is absolutely committed to the values of scholarship, knowledge and the exchange of ideas. The university has a long history of hosting a wide range of visiting speakers and scholars. In fact, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager held an event on campus in 2013.

The request to hold an event on campus in December 2016 was never approved because the requested date was at the end of the semester — a busy time for the campus. We were always open to an event that landed at a less busy period in our academic calendar and ended up hosting such an event in February 2017.