Friday, the now highly anticipated intelligence memo was declassified and made public. Mary covered that in detail here. The memo, “alleges that the FBI did in fact use the disputed dossier to receive FISA warrants to spy on members of then-candidate Donald Trump’s team,” blogs Mary.

For all the hoopla, speculation, an entire week of gossipy leaks and story wars, the memo (or the version of the memo made public Friday) is mostly meh. Without supporting evidence or more information, the memo is just another facet of the ongoing FBI/Russian Collusion/Who Dunnit saga plaguing politics, and as Mary pointed out, creates more questions than it answers.

And so, the internet reacted to the memo:

Chris Hayes

From outgoing Rep. Trey Gowdy:

Former FBI Director Comey

Camp Nothing burger

Surprising reaction

Sohrab Ahmari

Kimberley Strassel


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