Stanford students are doing all they can to reinforce the stereotype of campus snowflakes. Can you imagine crying over this? The flyers weren’t even serious.

The College Fix reported:

Stanford students feel ‘unsafe and hurt,’ brought to tears over flyers defending ICE agents

Some Stanford University students felt “unsafe and hurt” and were apparently brought to tears over satirical flyers defending ICE agents hung in the Kimball Hall dorm.

That according to the student who hung them, Isaac Kipust, who writes he was subsequently summoned before Associate Dean of Students Alejandro Martinez and his aggrieved peers to answer for his actions.

“[S]ince three students felt unsafe and hurt, they and the Kimball RAs had removed my flyers,” Kipust wrote in a column for the Stanford Review.

“According to them, my flyers were ‘hate speech’ and hence inappropriate for the Kimball community. Because they apparently mocked a flyer protecting an identity group, they constituted an act of intolerance. Most egregiously, because of their effect on the three crying students at the table, I was not permitted to repost my flyers,” he wrote about what he was told during the meeting.

He added he was surprised to be told that “feelings trumped my right to express speech others might find objectionable,” a finding he felt was in direction opposition to Stanford’s policies on free speech.