Nothing says inclusiveness like being exclusive of certain other people, right?

The Daily Caller reports:

Stanford Hosts Women-Only Training Hours For ‘Inclusivity’

Stanford University hosts women’s-only training hours intended to bolster the school’s “inclusivity,” according to a Tuesday report.

The Ivy League institution’s outdoor education and recreation center will host women-only training hours from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, according to the American Enterprise Institute. Stanford Recreation and Wellness’ inclusivity committee spawned the initiative.

“[It’s a] safe space to make [women] feel more comfortable, so that there’s no guys ‘macho-ing’ around,” said Irina Vitman, a personal trainer at the center, to The Stanford Daily. “It’s a little less intimidating to use the free weights.”

Stanford began the initiative after hearing from Stanford women who complained about discomfort in large gym environments. The center’s windows will have blackout shades and its glass doors will have barriers ensuring privacy.

“Everything was being used and all the testosterone in the air was super suffocating — the kind of culture you find in the gym, it feels very aggressive and not very welcoming,” said Camille Townshend, a Stanford student, when describing her first experience lifting weights (outside the women-only hours).