This is an old trick colleges use to suppress conservative events. This College Republicans group is fighting it.

The College Fix reports:

College Republicans allege discrimination after Southern Connecticut State levies fee on them

The College Republicans at Southern Connecticut State University say they feel discriminated against after campus leaders hiked a room rental fee on them — from free to several thousand dollars — for one of their political events.

The GOP students had originally being granted permission to use a campus hall for free, but the school changed its mind and decided to charge the organization for it after another Southern student who is on the Democrat Party’s payroll complained.

The event, a three-day political, pro-Republican “Digital Summit,” connected the SCSU College Republicans and Connecticut Republican Party members for social media strategy sessions to help galvanize GOP voters. The event did charge an admission fee to get in.

Sarah O’Connor, president of SCSU College Republicans, provided The College Fix with paperwork showing campus rooms had indeed been set aside for her group. But as the event drew near, she said she was hit with an invoice for the rental.

“The school likes to say it was a miscommunication even though they knew exactly what the event was about,” O’Connor said in a statement to The College Fix. “They claim it’s a fundraiser, which is a complete lie.”

The digital summer did take place. With organizers citing “Democrat obstruction” as the reason for the relocation, the event, held Feb. 9 through Feb. 11, took place at a local community center instead of on campus.

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