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REPORT: Adam Schiff Fell For Prank, Had Staffers Work to Obtain Dirt on Trump from Foreign Government

REPORT: Adam Schiff Fell For Prank, Had Staffers Work to Obtain Dirt on Trump from Foreign Government

Man investigating Trump/Russian collusion had staff collude with fake Ukranian government officials to get dirt on Trump

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, the Trump/Russia collusion story reached an entirely new level of ridiculous.

The Democrats leading Trump/Russia/Collusion attack dog, Rep. Adam Schiff, was exposed as having taken well-known Russian pranksters, Vocan and Lexus, seriously. Vocan and Lexus, “offered to give him ‘compromising’ dirt on Donald Trump – including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star,” reports the Daily Mail.

According to the same report, Schiff’s staff corresponded with someone they believed to be a Ukranian politician in order to obtain the non-existent classified information.

Schiff initially blew off reports saying he knew it was a prank the entire time, that was until eight minutes of audio surfaced.

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was the victim of a prank phone call by Russian comedians who offered to give him ‘compromising’ dirt on Donald Trump – including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star. can disclose that after the prank, his staff engaged in correspondence with what they thought was a Ukrainian politician to try to obtain the ‘classified’ material promised on the call.

On an audio recording of the prank call posted online, Adam Schiff can be heard discussing the committee’s Russia investigation and increasingly bizarre allegations about Trump with a man who claimed to be Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The call, made a year ago, was actually from two Russian comedians nicknamed ‘Vovan’ and ‘Lexus’ who have become notorious for their phony calls to high-ranking American officials and celebrities, including UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Elton John.

Its existence was first reported by The Atlantic but not how a staff member working for the minority on the House Intelligence Committee pursued the information after the call.

Schiff’s office said the congressman suspected the call was ‘bogus’ from the beginning and reported it to authorities afterward.

But in a recording of the eight minute conversation, Schiff appeared to take the call seriously – or at least played along convincingly – and emails from the Democrat’s staff to the fake politician afterwards said he had found it ‘productive’.


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Moe, Curly and Schiff…

I’d like to see the filing of the report he put in.

So… How is this any different than Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer who said she had negative info on Clinton? I guess he will be equally castigated by the media. Or maybe not.

Adam Schiff discusses FISA courts and curbing NSA surveillance on Russian Today

This guy is golden

He’ll just claim that this is PROOF that Russians and Trump are colluding and obstructing his investigation.

Or he’ll blame the NRA, or fertilizer or something

Isn’t that collusion?

So, is anybody surprised by this? It is always the same in DC. The person who is the most outraged by any behavior of his opponent usually turns out to be guilty of the same thing, or worse. That is why no one with an IQ over 70 believes anything that a politician says.

The big difference between the opposition research done by the Trump campaign [the Tower meeting might actually have been a set[up after all] is that the Dems used the “information” that they obtained from the Russians to justify spying on the other party’s nominee for President. It wasn’t where the information came from which was important but what was done with the information by the parties possessing it. In one case nothing was done with it. In the other the laws of the United States of America were violated. Who has the high ground here?

Who the hell thinks you could blackmail Trump with naked pictures?

He’d tell them to release them and then when asked about them he’d publicly brag about his dick.

Why is Schiff interested in Trump naked? Like he’s going to post them on instagram?

Next time the Dems whine about National Security, can we ask that this idiot be replaced on the House Intelligence Committee. It’s a miracle that he hasn’t traded nuclear launch codes to a Nigerian Prince.

I hear Trump has a “bite me, schiff” tattoo on his butt.

Michelle obama has the contents of both of baracks fake books tattooed on hers. And there’s room for a sequel.

I can confirm reading the exact same thing! Why, only recently. Lets pitch this to the NYTs and Rachel Maddie. I’m sure we can get $300k fronted for expenses.

To be fair, I don’t see how this is any more ridiculous than what’s been on CNN for the past 18 months virtually 24/7 over this “collusion” nonsense.

I rather enjoy the constant idiotic blather that has been spewing forth from this incorrigible little fish-eyed fool and his ilk at the American Pravda and the entire Democrat Party.

I just hope that the majority of the American people are finally paying attention…

Mueller had a sit down with Don Jr. to discuss his discussion with a Russian about getting dirt on Hillary. Should we all hold our breaths waiting for the Special Counsel to question Schiff for engaging in the same activity?

Is Schiff smarter than a fifth grader?

But more importantly:

Did Schiff attempt to collude with a foreign government?

I’m so pleased that the Republicans are finally giving the dems a taste of their own dirty tricks. Fight Back!

smalltownoklahoman | February 7, 2018 at 8:21 am

Sad showing of the depths of desperation on the dems side to find anything they can use on Trump.

What an ultramaroon.

As previously noted, any attack by a D against the republicans over methods means they are the ones actually doing it.

The commie democrat party has been colluding with the russkies to destroy this country for 100 years.

He may have gone to Harvard Law, but he definitely has Schiff for brains.

DeplorableLanie | February 7, 2018 at 2:04 pm

I wonder if this is his “evidence” that he kept saying he had! ROTFLMAO What a moron. He should have known that no one was going to call him and offer him information on President Trump. Guess he is just one more idiot who fell for this Russian collusion hoax. But really he should know better.

Dumb schiff, he. Fits in well with the Scumers and Pelosis.