During a press conference discussing Russian interference in the 2016 election, Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff suggested Russians actively promoted our second amendment because they’d love nothing more than Americans killing one another every day.

The exact quote from the press conference:

“Fascinatingly, they [the Russians] also trumpeted the second amendment. Apparently, the Russians are very big fans of our second amendment. They don’t particularly want a second amendment of their own, but they’re really glad that we have one. The Russians would be thrilled if we were nothing but killing each other every day and sadly we are.

Ok, guy.

Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat, announced Monday that committee Democrats would release a memo rebutting the GOP FISA memo. Essentially, the ongoing Congressional he said/she said over alleged intelligence improprieties is far from over.

Early Monday morning, Trump accused Schiff of being a leaker via his Twitter account:

To which Schiff responded:

The political theater is tiresome and does far more harm than good.


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