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Reed College Caves to Left Wing Students Protesting Western Civ Program

Reed College Caves to Left Wing Students Protesting Western Civ Program

Claimed it was too “Caucasoid” and “Eurocentric”

Students at this far left school have been protesting the school’s western civ program as racist for months. Now the school is caving to their demands.

The College Fix reports:

Reed College to revise Western Civ class after protests call it too ‘Caucasoid’ and ‘Eurocentric’

Reed College leaders have agreed to revise a mandatory freshman humanities course focused on the Western Canon in the wake of a protracted student protest campaign against the class that decried it as too “Caucasoid” and “Eurocentric.”

Although details are still being hashed out, faculty appear to have agreed to broaden the scope of the course to allow for more authors of color and to study thinkers from geographic locations beyond Europe.

The course had traditionally focused on scholars underpinning Western Civilization, and assigned books written by Greco-Roman thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato and Ovid, as well as from Mesopotamia and Egypt.

But for more than a year “Humanities 110” has been the target of protests by a student group called “Reedies Against Racism,” who demanded it be “reformed to represent the voices of people of color.” In statements to The College Fix over the last year, student protesters have called the class too “Caucasoid” and “Eurocentric.”

“I am a student of color who has trouble focusing because the curriculum at Reed is Eurocentric and is unrelated to my lived experience. Being told that the West is the most important topic of study damages my mental health and makes me less able to learn. I think this is true for many, many students of color, and that is part of why we do what we do,” Alex Boyd, a main Reedies Against Racism organizer, told The College Fix last September.


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“Being told that the West is the most important topic of study damages my mental health …”

The statement proves itself.

Alex Boyd, you need some serious psychological help son. From your pathetic attempt at explaining yourself…it shows that you obviously dont have wherewithall to be in any job that doesnt cater to your wild ideas about how things should be for you to be able to study things. Western Civilization is the course, you learn about Western Civilization. If you want to learn about European Civilization or African Civilization..then take THOSE courses. Its obvious your course load is rather light in the intellectual department. I personally find it offensive that idiots like you are going to college and probably getting scholarships and for what? so you can whine and complain about how “hard” a relatively easy freshman level history class?

@Reed Students … hey man … fine with me … live in your own little bubble … then wonder why you’re unemployable … if … you graduate. The world is not going to conform to your image … and neither are your employers. People of your fragility and selfishness do not prosper … and all of you will devolve into a prey species. So forge ahead … keep it up … the end for you is in sight.

    TX-rifraph in reply to PODKen. | February 5, 2018 at 5:54 am


    That is the OBJECTIVE of the left: A lifelong loser who will always vote Democrat and live off of the evil productive people who actually pay taxes.

Oh, great! Reed is one of the schools bombarding my child with emails. Now we have another on the “automatic delete” list.

Most college graduates for the last 50+ years have no idea what a course in Western Civilization would be about. It’s not history, it’s philosophy and ethics. Western Civilization is a combination of the Greek philosophical tradition and the Judaeo Christian tradition. It is the air we breathe. It is who we are. It is the foundation of our culture.

Therefore the left must destroy it.