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Racist Social Media Post Prompts Mandatory Diversity Training at George Washington U.

Racist Social Media Post Prompts Mandatory Diversity Training at George Washington U.

“Other steps include updating of the student code of conduct”

As you’ll see below, the social media post was racist and dumb. Even so, mandatory diversity training sounds extreme.

The Washington Examiner reports:

GWU adopts mandatory diversity training after racist social media post

On Wednesday, George Washington University President Thomas LeBlanc announced the school will make diversity training mandatory for all incoming students starting in the fall. This announcement comes amid a campus-wide hoopla over a racist Snapchat photo taken earlier this month by sisters of the Alpha Phi sorority. The individuals involved have apologized for the incident, and the national organization of Alpha Phi is considering appropriate disciplinary action.

The photo showed two members of Alpha Phi, one of whom is holding a banana peel. The post included the following caption attached to the photo, “I’m 1/16 black [sic].”

“Many groups and individuals on campus have called for mandatory diversity training for freshman students, and that is one of the steps I am announcing today,” LeBlanc wrote in an email.

The mandatory training will also apply to members of the Greek community, all student dorm staff including residential assistants, admissions staff, tour guides, and other applicable employees of GWU.

Other steps include updating of the student code of conduct to address non-sex based harassment and discrimination as well as the university’s equal opportunity policy to include procedures and definitions to address conduct beyond sexual harassment. LeBlanc also mentioned there will be a bias incident reporting system to track and address verbal harassment and similar conduct based on color, religion, gender, race, and other backgrounds.


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As long as the diversity training teaches that it is OK to be stupid, white and bigoted, I have no problem with diversity training.

At every “Elimination of Bias in the Courts” lecture that I am forced to attend, I complain of bias against the KKK and the neo-Nazis. [Every member of the Bar is forced to attend this propaganda/indoctrination, I am not singled out.]

When are these university administrators going to figure out that is these omnipresent “mandatory groupthink” sessions that are fueling the problem? Young people are inherently contrarian; it’s part of their normal development. The more we try to cram RightThought™ down their throats, the more they will rebel. Sheesh.