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Protesters Accuse University of Vermont of ‘White Supremacy’

Protesters Accuse University of Vermont of ‘White Supremacy’

“As a non-black person of color, my place here is not to speak for my black family members”

Someone on campus posted some racist notes on the “Students of Color display case” and now protesters are calling for administrators to resign.

The College Fix reports:

Protesters target University of Vermont for ‘white supremacy and anti-black racism’

A crowd mostly made up of students targeted the University of Vermont this week with allegations that the school is guilty of a lackluster response to on-campus racism.

About 150 protesters congregated at the university’s Waterman Building yesterday “to decry school administrators’ response to campus racism,” according to Seven Days, an independent newspaper in Burlington, Vermont.

The protest, organized by a group called NoNames for Justice and titled the “Done With Bullshit Rally,” was motivated by a controversial event on campus in which “someone taped racially charged note cards to the Mosaic Center for Students of Color display case,” according to Seven Days.

According to the report, the crowd demanded “the resignation of three administrators, including UVM president Tom Sullivan and vice provost for student affairs Annie Stevens.” It is unclear why the demands for resignation were issued.

One protester, university staffer John Mejia, who is also undertaking a hunger strike in protest of the university, told the crowd: “As a non-black person of color, my place here is not to speak for my black family members…My place here is as an accomplice, to throw my body into the twin, heartless gears of white supremacy and anti-black racism that run this city and university — to force them to grind to a halt.”

Seven Days did not cite any specific examples of white supremacy and anti-black racism “running” the University of Vermont.


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I’m sorry but every last one of these “racist” incidents I’ve heard of over a period much longer than a decade has actually been perpetrated by the members of the aggrieved minority themselves.

When all is said and done, I’ll lay odds that it was a “person of color” who posted those “racist notes” specifically to instigate a protest.

Given what some snowflakes claim to be racism, I’d need to see these “racially charged note cards” for myself to see if there is anything offensive in them.

I see a disconnect between someone, student or otherwise, taping some notes to a display case and the administration of the university.

The important question to ask is, “Who expects to benefit the most from this incident and the resulting protests?” Answer that question, and you will find the most likely perpetrator.

Will ask the question again:

Q: What are the differences between SJW snowflakes and paranoid-schizophrenics?

A: For starters, paranoid-schizophrenics are more grounded in reality and their conditions can actually be treated with medication.