Few things make me as simultaneously sad and frustrated as what is happening to higher education in this country.  In an apparent effort to boost the number of anti-Second Amendment high school walkouts, colleges and universities are now announcing that suspensions for anti-gun protests won’t harm their chance of admission.

It’s not difficult to understand from these announcements that such suspensions would actually make the applicant more attractive to these very institutes of higher learning.  In this socio-cultural climate, nothing says “top admissions candidate” like a proven record of social justice agitation and protest.

High school protests, walkouts, and a march on Washington are being planned for the coming weeks.

Watch the report:

Apparently, reports swiftly circulated of school officials reminding students that skipping school carries a penalty: suspension.

BuzzFeed reports:

In the Needville Independent School District just outside Houston, Texas, the superintendent reportedly sent out letters threatening three-day suspensions for any student who joins in on walkouts.

“Life is all about choices and every choice has a consequence whether it be positive or negative,” Superintendent Curtis Rhodes said. “We will discipline no matter if it is 1, 50, or 500 students involved. All will be suspended for three days and parent notes will not alleviate the discipline.”

The Spring Independent School District, also in the Houston area, and the Waukesha County School District in Wisconsin issued similar warnings. (The Waukesha superintendent later made another statement saying students could participate if they were excused from class by their parents.)

This kicked off a trend—over 100 colleges and universities across the country have made similar statements–of colleges and universities assuring students that their high school suspensions for gun control advocacy would not affect their admissions.

Fox5 DC reports:

Colleges across the country, including the D.C. area, are releasing statements to reassure students that if they are penalized for participating in gun control demonstrations, it won’t jeopardize their chances of enrollment.

George Washington University, American, UVA, and Johns Hopkins have put out statements on social media addressing concerns from students about backlash for their activism.

Fox5 DC continues that other universities are joining in:

They join dozens of other universities and colleges including Yale, MIT, Dartmouth, Boston U, UMass Amherst, UCLA, as well as Smith and Mount Holyoke Colleges who have reassured high school students facing the threat of disciplinary action for taking part in gun control protests.


As the prof tweets, Brown has also joined in.

And that’s the rub, of course.  These colleges and universities wouldn’t dream of offering the same exemption to high schoolers who protest abortion, gun control, or any other non-leftist cause.