Politifact, the site that pretends to be a non-biased, non-partisan fact checker, really stepped in it Thursday.

In an attempt to bolster credibility, Politifact brought on a Republican and a Democrat to “critique” their work and “improve the trust and credibility.” They selected former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson to be their Democrat representative.

Grayson has a long, nasty, history of over the top vitriol.

He once sent an email using a burning cross to compare the Tea Party to the KKK (then doubled down on it). During the Obamacare debates, Grayson used time on the floor to claim “Republicans want you to die.” Later, Grayson’s campaign ran an ad calling his opponent “Taliban Dan Webster” and suggested his opponent (a staunch Christian) was trying to impose religious fundamentalism in central Florida.

Needless to say, Grayson is no run of the mill Democrat when it comes to equanimity or objectivity.

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No sooner did Politifact announce they were bringing on Grayson than the internet revolted. Leading Politifact to terminate whatever arrangement they had with the former Congressman:

How could Politifact not have known or been aware of Graysons reputation for being nasty as all get out?