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Pacific Lutheran University to Hold Pro-Abortion Event With Planned Parenthood

Pacific Lutheran University to Hold Pro-Abortion Event With Planned Parenthood

“part of Planned Parenthood’s Advocates for Youth program”

In case you can’t tell by its name, this is a Christian school.

The Daily Caller reports:

Christian University Holds Planned Parenthood Event Where Women Explain Why Their Abortions Were Awesome

A Christian university is sponsoring a pro-abortion event with Planned Parenthood where students come together to boast about their abortion tales and share stories about why getting an abortion was a great idea.

Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), a Christian university in Tacoma, Wash., will host and event called “Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign.” Sponsored by the theater department, the event will be held on Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 in its performing arts center according to the Eventbrite page.

The “1 in 3 Campaign” is part of Planned Parenthood’s Advocates for Youth program, and describes itself as a grassroots movement to start a new conversation about abortion, according to its website. “As we share our stories we begin to build a culture of compassion, empathy, and support for access to basic health care. It’s time for us to come out in support of each other and in support of access to legal and safe abortion care in our communities,” the website reads.

The program will be “heartbreaking, funny, and even commonplace, but always thought provoking and honest,” according to a Students For Life press release sent to The Daily Caller News Foundation Friday.


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“Was” a Christian school?
Sponsored by the theater department- how appropriate. It’s a tragedy and a farce!

I’m sure they will emphasize the basic fact that an embryo is scientifically human from the instant of conception.

I grew up Lutheran and crap like this is why I stopped going to church.