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Officials Identify More Rotherham Victims, Number Up to 1,510

Officials Identify More Rotherham Victims, Number Up to 1,510

I have a feeling the investigation will uncover more….

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has identified even more victims in the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal that rocked the United Kingdom back in 2014.

The number is now at 1,510.

A previous report said that 1,400 suffered abuse between 1997 and 2013. Officials have identified 110 suspects:

  • 80% are of Pakistani heritage
  • 38 arrested
  • 18 charged
  • 2 cautioned
  • 4 convicted

The scandal launched Operation Stovewood, which currently has 34 investigations ongoing and six trials set to go this year.

Unfortunately, more information like this may come out in the future. Senior Investigating Officer Paul Williamson said that the inquiry’s “momentum and pace” will continue to increase and “will continue to increase.” In one case, just one victim “led police to identify 17 other victims, 30 suspects and 27 possible crime scenes.”

Officers are speaking to 260 victims, but they claim that they want to speak to all of the victims. The majority of the victims are white girls between the ages of 11 and 18. From Fox News:

A previous report commissioned by the Rotherham Council in 2014, found that at least 1,400 children – “a conservative estimate” – had been sexually exploited in the South Yorkshire city between 1997 and 2013.

According to the 2014 report, children as young as 11 were “raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.”

Police said the victims were plied with drugs and alcohol before being abused at parties, in taxis or in back rooms. The vast majority of the victims were white British girls ages 11 to 19.

Williamson said a “toxic mix” of issues allowed abusers to get away with the abuse for so many years. The biggest issue was political correctness. 80% of the alleged abusers are of Pakistani heritage, which led investigators to remain silent because of fear of being called racist or Islamophobic.


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It’s obvious there’s no 2nd amendment in the UK.

Can you imagine being a father of a daughter who was a victim of one of these muzzies? Would find one rapist kill one rapist be too strong a comment for this page?

    Save some anger for the people who – and continue to – enable all this.

    They have their sights on America.

    Arminius in reply to Whitewall. | February 22, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    At least two fathers did go to the houses where their daughters were being held and tried to rescue them. The police came and arrested THEM.

    In another instance a Muslim taxi driver (taxi drivers are always at the center of these Muslim rape gangs as they’re the first ones to identify potential victims) was forcing an underage girl to perform oral sex on him. A police car rolled up. All they did was lower their window and exchange pleasantries for a few minutes. We know this because she knew they were there. They had to know she was there, but they did nothing. They chatted for a few minutes with “Bill Clinton” and then drove off. Which is consistent with what the girls said when they originally went to the police as they were being raped and otherwise abused (they were sometimes dangled from balconies by their ankles or doused in gasoline as men danced around them with lit matches).

    The police and city council were solidly on the side of the rapists. When they found two underage girls with some Pakistani men in an abandoned house they arrested the girls for being drunk in public. Not the men who were plying them with alcohol. A detective decided not to pursue a case of a 12 year old girl, well below the age of consent, who was having sex with at least five Pakistani men. Why? He decided it was consensual in all instances. Perhaps worst of all, when one victim decided to go to the police, she received a text message on one of her visits to the police station. It was her rapist, who told her he was holding her 11 y.o. sister and she would suffer reprisals if the older sister went ahead with her complaint. The older girl withdrew her statement. Just how did the rapist know where the girl was and what she was doing? The answer is obvious.

    I include the city council in this because both they and the police decided to “downplay” the issue. Really, look the other way and let it continue and accuse anyone who attempted to expose what was going on of being an Islamophobe and a racist. Which is what happened to one social worker who did attempt to expose the problem. If memory serves, they sent her to cultural sensitivity training (i.e. a Maoist style reeducaiton camp). I do know for a fact they threatened to fire her if she went public or even pursued the case.

    In Britain the “philosophy” that allows this to go on, and don’t kid yourself it is still going on all over England if not the entire UK, is not yet being openly espoused. But it is openly espoused by Sweden’s “feminist” government.

    “…Of course, there are various types of feminism. Sweden’s preferred type is not about universal sisterhood and the spreading of sexual equality around the globe. No, it is “intersectional” feminism. What is “intersectional” feminism? It is a species of feminism that, in accordance with the relatively new academic concept of “intersectionality,” accepts a hierarchy whereby other “victim groups” — such as “people of color” and Muslims — are higher up on the grievance ladder than women, and whereby women who belong to those other groups enjoy an even more exalted status as victims than white female Christians or Jews.

    This means that “intersectional” feminists must be culturally sensitive and culturally relative, recognizing and privileging culturally predicated values other than sexual equality. They must be feminists who understand that while no expression of contempt for the purported tyranny of Western males can be too loud, overstated or vulgar, they must, in their encounters with less feminist-minded cultures, temper their devotion to female equality out of respect for those cultures’ different priorities. In practice, this compulsion to respect the different priorities of other cultures is most urgent, and the respect itself most cringing when the culture in question is the one in which female inequality is most thoroughly enshrined and enforced…”

    The bottom line? Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe because in Sweden Muslims are allowed to rape non-Muslim women and girls.

    “Yet another example of “intersectional” feminism is the 45-year-old Swedish woman who worked in a group-home for “unaccompanied refugee children.” In November 2016, presumably out of the goodness of her heart, she took into her home Abdul Dostmohammadi, an Afghan former resident of the group-home, after he turned 18 and could no longer live there. Within a month they were lovers; some months later, as recently reported, Dostmohammadi sexually molested her 12-year-old daughter. When the girl told her mother, her mother did nothing, explaining later to authorities that she had feared Dostmohammadi would be deported.

    When the girl told her father, who lives elsewhere, he informed the police. The mother need not have worried about deportation: Dostmohammadi was given a three-month suspended sentence, charged a small fine, and ordered to perform community service. Such is the power of “intersectional” feminism in Sweden’s system: it enables a Swedish mother — and a Swedish court — to accord lower priority to the welfare of her sexually-molested child than to the welfare of the Muslim man who assaulted her.”

    Of course, we have intersectional feminism here, too, but it’s largely confined to college campuses and certain branches of feminism. It’s why (as the linked article notes) Linda Sarsour has become a “feminist” leader. She’s a Sharia supremacist, and all Sunni and Shia schools of Islamic jurisprudence enshrine in law the complete and utter subjugation of women to men. It’s why men can beat and rape their own wives. It’s why men can rape their own daughters; it’s a common form of punishment in Islamic cultures. Particularly if the daughter threatens to bring shame on the family. And by family I mean the father since he’s really the only one that counts. In a shame culture, by raping his daughter it puts the shame on her instead of the father.

    And of course it’s not a crime, because how could a lesser act be a crime when killing here is perfectly legal under Sharia? And don’t ever let anyone tell you honor killings are not Islamic. They are supremely Islamic, which is why over 90% of all honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims, the other 9% or so committed by groups living in close proximity to Muslim majorities and are sort of forced to adopt the practice to keep the Muslims at bay such as Yazidis. You won’t find the justification in one tidy little spot, but it’s all there. The Qura or Muhammad prescribe the crimes and punishments in the ahadith, other ahadith command Muslims to carry out the punishments on members of their own families as well as strangers, and Sharia (the most accessible is the Shafi’i manual of fiqh, The Reliance of the Traveler,” which according to Al Azhar has been reliably transliterated into English) states that there is no punishment if parents kill their own children, or if grandparents kill their grandchildren. So the entire “recipe” for honor killing is contained in authoritative Islamic sources.

    Linda Sarsour advocates all of the above, and she’s a feminist heroine. Yet Ayaan Hirsi Ali can’t be allowed to “spew” her “Islamophobic, racist (keep in mind she’s a black Somali ex-Muslim) hate speech” on a college campus. Both the feminists and the Muslim student organization and other pro-Muslim/terrorist groups will pressure the administration which WILL withdraw the invitation or otherwise ban her from campus.

    Why? Because she tells the truth about what Islam is; all of the above that Linda Sarsour advocates. And that Sarsour lies about. And according to intersectional feminism, nobody can tell the truth about their future rapists and oppressors because they’re higher on the victim scale. And therefor more noble than they are, and certainly more noble than the Islamophobic, racist, xenophobic, colonialistic, imperialistic, cisgendered white male patrarchal scum who would expose them.

    If you’ve ever wondered why groups such as gays or liberal Jews make common cause with a group whose first act if it ever came to power would be to behead them or throw them off a tall building, that’s your answer. Intersectionality.

    Not surprisingly, those same groups hate the 2nd amendment, want to abolish it, and hate those who stand in their way. It has nothing to do with school shootings.

    I know it’s going to sound sick, but then this “intersectionality” is sick. But the authorities in Rotherham actually decided, and if I’m not mistaken documented the decision, that these girls were “trash” and “unworthy of police protection.” But the Pakistani and other types of Muslims were worthy. And really, in the big scheme of things a few thousand shattered and ruined white girl “trash” lives is a small price to pay to avoid the labels Islamophobe and racist.

      Arminius in reply to Arminius. | February 22, 2018 at 4:57 pm

      “When they found two underage girls with some Pakistani men in an abandoned house they arrested the girls for being drunk in public. Not the men who were plying them with alcohol.”

      Forgot to point out that one of the underage girls the police arrested had already gone to the police for help. She told them she was being gang raped by Pakistani Muslim men on a near daily basis, and they threatened to kill her and harm her family if she told the police about it.

      They refused to help her or even take her seriously.

Conservative0317 | February 21, 2018 at 4:18 pm

Is it too strong a comment to say that all the authorities that ignored this should be put in prison and forcibly raped for the next ten years as equal punishment for what they allowed to occur? I find it very difficult to keep my Christian heart and forgive them.

    the other rob in reply to Conservative0317. | February 22, 2018 at 6:44 am

    Yes, it is, because it normalizes an abhorrent act.

    There are psychos on the left who think that you should be raped. Be careful which way you move the Overton Window.

This is why we need guns in the USA. Some Dad would have killed a few of these criminals when the authorities wouldn’t do anything. That Dad would have sacrificed everything for justice.

    Paul in reply to Roux. | February 21, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    Sexual predators like this take their time to select and groom their targets. They go after kids who don’t have fathers around, who don’t have big brothers or uncles who watch out for them.

    Once again, a “great” example of what happens when you rely upon the state to protect you.

This is unspeakably, horrifically tragic. Young girls’ future lives/happiness sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

A number of those in positions of authority, and who worked to obscure what was going on, were orthodox PC women. This made it especially rich when part of the Narrative became blaming Western patriarchy/rape culture.

Remember kids: in any cult it is usually the women who are the worst enforcers.

A Labour female Member of Parliament was forced to resign because she was critical of the rapists.

“The biggest issue was political correctness. 80% of the alleged abusers are of Pakistani heritage, which led investigators to remain silent because of fear of being called racist or Islamophobic” ,,,, every politician who subscribes to PC should be Shot and Burned along with the Rapists.