This is what happens when people on the left try to out-left each other. They get whipped up into a frenzy and start saying incredibly vile things.

The Daily Caller reports:

Prof: ‘MAGA Maggots’ ‘Feasting On The Corpses Of Murdered Schoolchildren’

A professor tweeted Monday that “MAGA maggots” are “feasting on the corpses of murdered schoolchildren” following the Parkland massacre in Florida.

New York University professor Mark A.R. Kleiman made the remark after another Twitter user said she found it “interesting” that survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had conducted so much activism and media campaigns after a personal tragedy.

“It’s quite interesting that the children survivors haven’t even buried their friends, grieve, get over shock but have had the time to plan for a march, come up with a creative hashtag, get their story to all media outlets all in such a short amount time,” said Twitter user Kambree Kawahine Koa, referencing the #MarchForOurLives campaign against gun violence.

“The MAGA maggots are out in force, feasting on the corpses of murdered schoolchildren,” responded Kleiman.

The remark was not the first time the public policy professor expressed derision regarding the president or his associates.

“You don’t need a tiki torch,” tweeted Kleiman a day after the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally, pasting an image of Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller. “Here’s a senior White House official throwing the White Power gang sign.”

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