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LGBT Students Force U. Central Oklahoma to Disinvite Creationist Speaker

LGBT Students Force U. Central Oklahoma to Disinvite Creationist Speaker

“even though the university signed a contract”

These students are not the picture of tolerance that the left always paints.

The Daily Caller reports:

University Disinvited Creationist Speaker After LGBTQ Pressure

he University of Central Oklahoma disinvited a creationist speaker after pressure from LGBTQ activists on campus, according to a Thursday report.

The school insists that its student government rescinded creationist Ken Ham‘s invitation to speak and not the administration itself, reported The College Fix.

“Pressure from a professor leading the LGBTQ group at the University of Central Oklahoma has resulted in my invitation to give a presentation on campus being cancelled, even though the university signed a contract,” said Ham on Facebook. “So much for ‘toleration’ and ignoring the university’s promise for free inquiry and expression.”

The school did not directly address whether pressure from a professor led to his disinvitation. Instead, university spokesman Charlie Johnson distanced the school from the decision.

“The university may advise, but does not direct, the activities of [University of Central Oklahoma Student Association],” said Johnson. “In fact, in the spirit of the [University of Central Oklahoma] policy on freedom of expression, the university President, Provost and the Vice President of Student Affairs supported and did not deny the proposal to bring Mr. Ham to campus to encourage conversation and debate of diverse perspectives. This was prior to [the university’s student association’s] cancellation of the invitation to Mr. Ham.”


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I’m sorry, but I think the title as written is very misleading. The university did not disinvite Mr. Ham; the STUDENT ASSOCIATION did. In this case, I think that the distinction is important. (And I do agree that it is sad that a student association would cave to pressure like this. I just don’t think that it’s as serious as the university administration doing so. [Almost as sad as giving Ken Ham a soapbox to stand on, but I digress…])

    If the university had lived up to its’ duty to keep students and speakers from being assaulted by Antifa, it wouldn’t be held liable. It didn’t so it is.