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Harvard Student Thinks School Should Redirect its Wealth to the Homeless

Harvard Student Thinks School Should Redirect its Wealth to the Homeless

“for the sake of morality”

This is a great idea, and why stop at Harvard? Lets see all these left wing universities give up their money for the sake of others.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Harvard student says university should redirect wealth toward homeless

An opinion piece in the Harvard University student newspaper is suggesting that wealthy university systems should divert their funds to help the homeless.

“I believe it is immoral for Harvard not to redirect some of its considerable wealth towards the homeless if doing so would not detract from the school’s immediate well-being,’” student author Meaghan E. Townsend writes in the Harvard Crimson.

Without much regard for the ever-inflating costs of tuition or the sky-high levels of debt some students endure in order to attend an Ivy League institution, Townsend informs readers, “Harvard could augment its own integrity and productivity with thoughtful donations to those in need.”

During the 2017-18 school year, attending Harvard cost more than $63,000 for tuition, room, board, and fees combined.

The piece also suggests that, for the sake of morality, “we must fight our inclinations to forget and disengage” and that “real change” will not come about without redirecting university funding.


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nordic_prince | February 3, 2018 at 3:54 pm

The Ivies are sitting on boatloads of money, in addition to all the tax breaks they get. Take a look at Ivy League Inc.

One nugget: “With continued gifts at present rates, the $119 billion endowment fund provides free tuition to the entire student body in perpetuity. Without new gifts, the endowment is equivalent to a full-ride scholarship for all Ivy League undergraduate students for 51 years, or until 2068.”

I can’t wait until the higher ed bubble at long last bursts. People really need to wake up.

Another self-congratulatory, budding Leftist apparatchik, eager to spend others’ money combating social ills — but, pointedly, not her own.

Why doesn’t Ms. Townsend transfer from Harvard to a state university, and, then have her parents donate the substantial savings in tuition over two or three years, to several worthy homeless charities? Then, I would at least concede that there existed sincerity behind her proposal, as opposed to transparent self-aggrandizement and virtue-signaling.

Poor misguided liberal, if she would only put her money where her mouth is…

Has she stopped to consider that she has a responsibility to help her fellow citizens herself? This is something that every woman could do, instead of telling others how to spend their money.

It would be easy for her to go sell sex at $20 a customer, then give the money to a poor homeless person. Five customers a night, 5 nights a week equals $500/week tax free OR $26,000 per year. Think of all the poor homeless people she could help with that $26,000!!!

Yes, I admit, she would make much less if she was some fat dirty liberal feminista covered in moles, warts, tattoos and piercings…but she could surly pull in a few dollars for the disadvantaged. If all the women of Harvard did this, just think of all the people they could help….then they could have monthly competitions with the other Ivy League schools!

I could go along with her if they get rid of the sharia department and all of the social justice “diversity” positions and departments for the $ to give away.