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Harvard Christian Group Accused of Hate for Inviting Ex-Gay Speaker to Campus

Harvard Christian Group Accused of Hate for Inviting Ex-Gay Speaker to Campus

“gives a platform to homophobia”

Have you noticed that anything the campus LGBT community doesn’t like is hate?

The College Fix reports:

Student paper accuses Harvard Christian group of ‘homophobia’ and ‘hate’ for hosting ex-gay speaker

The editorial board of The Harvard Crimson has accused a campus Christian group of giving “a platform to homophobia, conversion therapy, and hate” after the group invited an ex-gay Christian woman to speak to their organization.

Harvard College Faith & Action, which identifies itself as “a gospel-centered community that welcomes students from all backgrounds,” invited Jackie Hill-Perry to speak at its weekly gathering tonight. On her website, Hill-Perry, a writer and public speaker, states that she was “saved from a lifestyle of homosexual sin and the like” and “has been compelled to share the light of the Gospel truth through poems.”

The editorial board of The Crimson writes that Hill-Perry is a practitioner of “conversion therapy,” a practice the board claims “drive participants to higher rates of depression, mental health problems, and STDs.”

“Though we recognize the organization’s right to host the talk with Hill-Perry,” the board states, “we strongly believe that in doing so HCFA gives a platform to homophobia, conversion therapy, and hate…Hill-Perry’s beliefs represent neither love nor kindness. Her talk extends a harmful narrative targeted at LGBTQ+ students that homosexuality is wrong. In fact, on her website, Hill-Perry claims that she was ‘saved from a lifestyle of homosexual sin’—hardly creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ members of our campus.”

“To say the least, the promotion of this practice is not a productive use of First Amendment rights,” the editorial declares.


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A. The Christian group here should have asked a Muslim group to host this woman to speak, then they would have been free and clear.
B. “Not a productive use of first amendment rights,” has an awfully authoritarian ring to it. Pretty sure they don’t have a great understanding of why we have the first amendment.

Pretty amazing how much the school has changed since its inception as a means of educating ministers. John Harvard must be rolling over in his grave right now.

A couple of thoughts:

1. There’s no such thing as “homophobia.” In truth, the homosexual normalization lobby created this fictional term to smear anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda. They can’t actually mount an argument in favor of normalizing the abnormal.

2. What’s wrong with people seeking therapy to correct disordered sexual feelings? I thought there was no shame in seeking help for mental disorders.

3. There is something wrong with homosexual behavior and the attendant life-style. And pretending there isn’t, doesn’t make it so. Simply looking at a nude man and woman allows you to draw an inference regarding how our bodies are to be used sexually.