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Georgetown Works With Slave Descendant Groups Demanding Reparations

Georgetown Works With Slave Descendant Groups Demanding Reparations

“We believe that this kind of collaborative, forward-looking approach is the best path”

Georgetown has worked very hard to right the wrongs of the past. Last year, the school issued a formal apology for slavery connections but apparently that’s not enough.

The College Fix reports:

Georgetown works with slave descendants group amid demands for cash reparations

Georgetown University leaders have done much in recent times to make amends for the institution’s involvement in slavery, but after a cadre of slave descendants recently said those efforts are not enough — they still want cash — campus leaders have pledged to continue to work “toward reconciliation.”

“Following many conversations and dialogue with members of the Descendant community, the University and the Jesuits earlier this month reached out to members of the Descendant community to propose a framework for long-term dialogue, partnership and collaboration,” a campus representative told The College Fix in an email.

“Georgetown and the Jesuits are committed to working with Descendants in a process that recognizes the terrible legacy of slavery and promotes racial justice,” the statement added. “Georgetown has been working to address its historical relationship to slavery and will continue to do so.”

“… We believe that this kind of collaborative, forward-looking approach is the best path toward reconciliation and responding to the challenges of racial injustice today.”

The “Descendant community” consists of families of more than 200 slaves whose sale nearly two centuries ago benefited Georgetown University.


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OK Georgetown. Calculate the current total amount of the proceeds from that sale, increased by all the various interest rates and decreased by economic failures since the sale. Then turn over the calculated amount to the descendents, divided by the number still living. If the university’s coffers do not contain sufficient cash, and borrowing and alum contributions can’t cover the sum, sell the campus to cover the debt you will acknowledge. Seems the only fair way to help them achieve reconciliation and end a little bit of the racial injustice of today.

Just say “NO!” Enough is enough. I’m fed up with the extortion by blacks who think they’re “owed” money/college admission/special treatment for slavery. ENOUGH!

    Agreed! Those descendants should get on their knees every night and thank the good Lord above that their ancestors’ misfortune is responsible for them being here instead of there.

Just curious. These folks can prove their ancestry back to when Georgetown was founded.

Are they the same ones who claim they’re unable to obtain voter identification cards because they can’t prove who they are?

I have ancestors who were hurt by blacks. Now I want reparations too!