The left wants people to fear Ben Shapiro. Isn’t it obvious why they do? They don’t want his message to be heard.

Campus Reform reports:

Event on ‘white supremacy’ organized in response to Shapiro

In response to an upcoming Ben Shapiro speech on campus, the University of Minnesota’s Women’s Center is sponsoring an event on “white supremacy in the age of Trump.”

Shapiro’s February 26 event has been the source of ongoing controversy on campus, with Shapiro’s host groups and the university’s administration in a continuous battle over whether or not the event was deliberately moved to a decentralized location.

The Minnesota Republic and Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) recently claimed that they had repeatedly requested a larger venue for Shapiro’s event, and one central to campus, unlike the St. Paul Student Center where the lecture is currently set to take place.

The venue for the upcoming event has already sold out, even after the university added additional seating.

“The venue added 49 seats, bringing capacity to 449. The additional 49 seats will have an obstructed view due to pillars in the room. The new tickets were given to the first 49 people on the waitlist and the event remains sold out,” CFACT and The Minnesota Republic added.

Now, the university’s Women’s Center is set to sponsor an event titled “White Supremacy in the Age of Trump: An Anti-Racist Teach-In.”

The event, which will occur directly before Shapiro’s talk, has outlined its goals as “mapping the connections between white extremist groups and American conservatism today,” while “unpacking the ways white supremacy manifests itself in systems, language, and culture.”

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