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Conference at UC Santa Barbara to Celebrate ‘Self Identifying Women of Color’

Conference at UC Santa Barbara to Celebrate ‘Self Identifying Women of Color’

“while bringing awareness to their intersectional struggles”

The left believes you can change gender and race by simply saying so. Also, why do conservatives deny science?

The College Fix reported:

UC Santa Barbara conference to celebrate ‘self-identifying women of color’

In this age of “self-identification” where anyone can claim to be whatever the heck he/she/xe wants to be, is it not true that the lone exception to that rule is … identifying as a certain race?

After all, if the saga of Rachel Dolezal taught us anything, it was that, right?

On the other hand, as the University of Oklahoma’s George Henderson (author of “Race and the University: A Memoir”) claims, “Race is a fiction of our imagination.”

Who can keep track? It sure would help if there was a “Politically Correct (Hierarchy) Handbook” available to reference, which also should include ever-evolving PC spellings of standard English terms.

For instance, the University of California Santa Barbara Associated Students’ Womxn’s Commission is hosting its annual Womxn of Color Conference today which, according to the Daily Nexus, will honor “self-identifying women of color while bringing awareness to their intersectional struggles.”

With that “self-identifying” reference, the conference appears to utilize Dr. Henderson’s conception of race, while the term “womxn,” like the more common “Latinx,” is supposed to encompass “intersectionality.”


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If race is a figment of our imagination, why does the University of California use racial discrimination in admissions?

I just recently self identified as rich and prosperous … oddly my bank balance has not increased.

Go figure …