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Columbia Students Holding Event to Encourage Peers to Redistribute Their Wealth

Columbia Students Holding Event to Encourage Peers to Redistribute Their Wealth

“recognizing that our wealth comes from a fundamentally unequal and exploitative economy”

A new generation of Marxists is taking shape at Columbia. Why don’t these students drop out of school and give away their tuition dollars?

Campus Reform reports:

Columbia event discusses ‘obligation’ to ‘redistribute’ wealth

Two students at Columbia University are hosting a workshop later this month to encourage their peers to “redistribute our own wealth” to “marginalized people.”

“Class Privilege and Radical Redistribution” is organized by Columbia University students Amy Wang and Claire Klinger, and will feature a roundtable discussion on “learning about our obligation to redistribute our own wealth.”

“Do you pay full tuition? Are you graduating debt-free?” the event description asks. “Do you feel uncomfortable about how much money your family has and avoid the topic as much as possible?”

Students will spend the first half of the February 22 event “mapping out how our families came into money and what communities that money is extracted from,” after which they will “explore how to mobilize our financial privilege to support marginalized people.”

Wang and Klinger note that this workshop may be especially relevant to a majority of students, as nearly “half of all Columbia undergrads pay full tuition, and 60% of students come from the top 20%.”

“This starts with recognizing that our wealth comes from a fundamentally unequal and exploitative economy,” Wang and Klinger say, claiming that “people are denied basic needs like housing, food, and healthcare so that a small percent can hoard millions and billions of dollars.”


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All you rednecks should share your pork rinds with the poor white trash, give `em a taste of home!

The only situation where one’s money is “extracted” from a population is when one is a government employee.

Nonsense on stilts.

They should first try this with their grades. Give the “D” slackers part of your “A”. Grades will quickly drop to “D”‘s as more people realize they don’t have to work so hard to pass.
Welcome to real life experience of socialism with “wealth” redistribution.

Isn’t this rich?

I went to a public high school and 3 different public universities for college, law school and grad school (tax LLM), because they were all I could afford.

The government was more restrictive with doling out money for student loans.

And now, these cute kids going to an absurdly expensive school, want me to give our money away.

We actually do give away most of my practice income, but that’s on our own volition and not because some lazy Marxist college kid thinks I need to give it away.

And I also didn’t “extract” it from any community.

I don’t solicit, my rates are intentionally low and clients call me (not the other way around).

…to encourage their peers to “redistribute our own wealth” to “marginalized people.”

If I self-identify as “marginalized”, will they “redistribute” their wealth my way!

The Friendly Grizzly | February 14, 2018 at 7:27 am

I identify as marginalized as well. I’m set at 12 and 72, making me – in reality – elite.

DINORightMarie | February 17, 2018 at 9:32 am

They have money?!?! Aren’t they there with Mommy and Daddy paying the bills….or do they all magically at 18 have independent wealth?!?!

Yeah…..they have NOTHING of their own. They haven’t earned it, for the most part. They are talking about OTHER PEOPLE redistributing THEIR hard-earned money, because they have none.

I can bet all of them are planning on making 6 or 7 figure salaries after graduating from their Ivy League….why else go to such a school, if not to establish oneself as a credentialed professional….unless, of course, they plan to live with the homeless street population that is growing in almost ever city in the USA.

Clueless. They have been indoctrinated so completely……they are mentally deranged, delusional, incapable of open-mindedly examining anything except the mantras they have been fed.