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Columbia Student Says Feminist Philosophy Class Was ‘Indoctrination’

Columbia Student Says Feminist Philosophy Class Was ‘Indoctrination’

“voicing dissent was “nearly unthinkable”

Is anyone other than the student surprised by this? Any course based on identity politics is going to try to persuade you to adopt their way of thinking.

PJ Media reports:

Feminist Philosophy Class Was ‘Indoctrination,’ Says Columbia Student

A sophomore at Columbia University is arguing that the feminist philosophy class he took last semester was “indoctrination,” and that voicing dissent was “nearly unthinkable.”

Coleman Hughes, a black philosophy major, detailed his experiences taking the school’s feminist philosophy class in an article for Heterodox Academy. The site publishes articles related to viewpoint diversity and free inquiry on campus.

Despite having taken philosophy classes before, Hughes says he was struck by how differently his feminist philosophy class operated. He took two philosophy classes last semester, and writes that his professors diverged greatly in how they taught.

In the more generic philosophy course he took, Hughes says he would read the work of philosopher, such as Thomas Nagel, “then spend much of the class exposing any weaknesses that Nagel’s argument might have.”

“We don’t hold anyone’s views as sacred, or even special. We debate with one another; I even argue with the professor at times. The prevailing mood encourages friendly but lively debate. It’s challenging, good-natured, and fun,” writes Hughes.


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“…,a black philosophy major…” What is black philosophy?