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Columbia Offers Course on ‘Social Justice Songwriting’

Columbia Offers Course on ‘Social Justice Songwriting’

“Columbia University’s Center for Justice will host”

Progressives have an ongoing love affair with their romanticized memory of the 1960’s. That’s how courses like this one come into being.

The College Fix reports:

Columbia University offers ‘social justice songwriting’ class

An Ivy League university in New York City is hosting a music class to teach teenagers “pop and social justice songwriting,” instructing students on how to write music addressing “LGBTQIA rights” and “gender and racial equality,” among other lessons.

Columbia University’s Center for Justice will host “Pop and Social Justice Songwriting 101” from February to April of this year.

According to the course description, it consists of a series of workshops focused on “the analysis and application of the elements of songwriting (rhythm, melody, lyrics, and structure) and how they work together to produce a finished, memorable composition.”

“In informative lectures, supplemented by group discussions, collaborations, demonstrations, and professional feedback, we will learn the craft of songwriting and the role it plays in every popular genre,” the description reads.

The workshop is offered through the Center’s June Jordan Fellowship, which offers programs to local community members including high school students. The course posting states that attendees must be at least 15 years old to participate, though “youth ages 16-18 in the Harlem area will be be giving [sic] strong consideration.”

The course will be taught by Afrika Nxumalo, a pop songwriter from North Carolina. Nxumalo is part of the inaugural cohort of the June Jordan fellowship.


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