Russia mania has infected the minds of many otherwise rational adults, which has to be the only explanation for this godawful “report” by CNN.

Tuesday night, CNN posted a video of reporter Drew Griffin harassing an elderly woman, at her own home, mind you, over her pre-election Facebook activity. Griffin alleged Florine Goldfarb’s Facebook group was unknowingly interacting with Russian trolls (those cited in the recent DOJ indictment).

Goldfarb clearly had no clue what Griffin was talking about, nor did she believe she had any interaction with Russians, saying she personally knows everyone in the group and that each of them are (and was) bona fide Trump supporters. Griffin relentlessly insisted she engaged with Russian trolls, all but insinuating she herself was colluding with Russians, leading Goldfarb to walk back into her house.

The internet was equally unimpressed that CNN took the time to track down a private citizen at her own home to harass her about her social media activity:

For her crime of being politically active and supporting a presidential candidate, Goldfarb’s Facebook account, thanks to CNN, has been overrun with all manner of nastiness:

A sampling. And these are in response to a post promoting a candlelight vigil for victims of the Florida school shooting:

These are posted beneath a video telling the story of a baby found in a truck bed who was adopted by a cancer survivor unable to have children of her own:

And a few others:

There is only one word for this: disgusting.


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